Create your first Coupon Code in under 3 minutes

This post is part of the New Instructor Series—intended to help newly published instructors get their first crop of students. What good is creating a course if you’re not able to share it with others? 


Congrats on becoming a newly published instructor! Now that you published your course, what comes next?

Your students, of course!

PROMO TIP #1: Create your first coupon code.

Here’s a well-known secret: You receive 97% for all sales you drive through your instructor coupon codes. In this Promo Tip, you will learn how to create your first instructor coupon code in 4 easy steps. It will take you less than 3 minutes!

1. Log into  Click “My Courses” then select “Teaching” to display your published course. Click your course.

2.  On the next screen, click “Manage this Course.”
3.  On the next screen, click “Price & Coupons” on the left navigation. Then, click “Create a Coupon Code.”

4. Enter a name for your Coupon Code (e.g. EARLYBIRD, YOUTUBE20, etc.). Enter the discounted price for the course.

Tip: Send coupon codes to 30+ of your family and friends to enroll into your course gratis, check it out, and leave an honest course review.

Pro Tip: Courses with more students and more course reviews have higher conversion rates (are more likely to drive purchases) than courses with lower enrollment numbers. The more students you can get to enroll in your course (whether free or paid), the more credibility you will have as a newly published instructor.

And that’s how you create your instructor coupon code. Now, you can start marketing your Udemy course!