Prom Makeup Ideas: Completing the Look

prom makeup ideasSo it’s finally the night you’ve been dreaming of all year! You’ve tried on the dress, matched the shoes, and found the perfect hairstyle, but what about your makeup? Prom night is one to remember, and you want to be remembered too! By using these creative ideas from Udemy you can make the night even better than you dreamed, and a great place to get started is with our course How to: Makeup Basics.

Fresh Start

Just like any canvas for a work of art, you want to start with a clean slate. Being outside can cause dirt, smoke and other buildup to accumulate on your face as well as your natural skin oils. It is important when you apply your makeup to start off with clean skin; that way you are not layering your makeup on top of anything your face may have picked up from outside or on top of any oils that may have built up over night.

A simple face wash will do the trick. You don’t need to use any harsh chemicals or scrubbers; a regular face cleanser that you find in any grocery store will be fine. Just make sure that you get your face clean and feeling great, and especially if you have any leftover makeup on your face from the night before (which you shouldn’t have!).

Foundation Layer

Your foundation layer is one of the most important aspects of the whole makeup and it sets the canvas for the rest of the look that you are trying to create. This is not the place to skimp on the product, and you should take care in finding the one that is right for you.

There are all kinds of different foundations on the market so you want to look for the one that fits your skin tone the closest and feels the best on your skin. A great way to find out how to match your skin tone and how to apply a magnificent under layer for your face is by taking our Learn To Apply Makeup Like a Pro – Multi-Cultural Skin Tones course. There you will find a lot of great information about creating a perfect canvas for any skin tone, working with color correctors, and how to create different looks for any event or activity.

Elegant Eyes

Your eye makeup is really where you can set yourself apart to create a customized look. You can go dark and smoky or you can go light and bright – the great thing about makeup is that you get to design and create your own masterpiece.

There are many different ways that you can utilize color to create drastic or simple looks, and with a little bit of practice, you can learn how to create something stunning or gracefully beautiful. Using color can be tricky though, and using too much can be distracting, but using just the right amount blended well will make you stand out without being overwhelming.

One of the most popular choices for eye makeup styles is the smoky eye. This is created by using black eyeliner and shadow, but doesn’t necessarily have to be all black. You can use some grays or blues to lighten up the tone while still having the dark mysterious look that is so enticing. The smoky eye will also make your eyes pop especially with certain eye colors, and a great article that you can read if you have blue eyes is Smoky Eye for Blue Eyes: Belle of the Ball.

The great thing about the smoky eye look though is that it looks great with any color of eyes; all it takes is the correct application of liner and shadow. You will want to use the darkest blacks you can find in liner and make sure that you have enough of it. You don’t want to try and create a dramatic look when you’re makeup pencil or liquid is almost gone so make sure you have a good supply.

You will want to keep the darkest black around the eyes and then shadow up from there. If you are using a grey or blue shadow, apply the black around the eyes and then blend the lighter shades up from there. Make sure to keep your liner concentrated around the lash line on both your top and bottom lashes. The bottom ones can be tricky though, and getting the proper coating underneath your eyes without going overboard may require a little practice, so you might want to try getting your makeup technique just right before it is actually the day of the prom.

The smoky eye is always a classic, but some people want to be a little more creative with their looks. There are plenty of ideas that you can use to make your eyes and your entire look stand out, and our course on Eye and Lash Art will really give you some great ideas on how to show your style! After all, the year is almost over, so why not make a lasting impression on your friends?

Your lashes are also a big part of your overall look and will really complete your eyes as a whole. Prom is a big night, so depending on your lashes you may want to give fake lashes a try. These can take a bit of practice to put on the first time, so make sure that if you want to try fake lashes that your first time trying them isn’t on prom night. Once you get the hang of it though fake lashes can make you really stand out.

Lasting Lip Color 

Your choice of lip color can also create a dramatic effect, but you want to make sure that you coordinate your look properly. The way your face and makeup will look as a whole is what is most important, so remember not to concentrate too much on one or the other and forget to look at what everything will look like cohesively.

For example, if you use a lot of color in your eye makeup you will want to take it easy on your lips. Bright blue eye shadow combined with bright red lipstick will definitely make you stand out, but probably not in the way you want. Keeping a balanced look is crucial to looking beautiful, not painted.

So if you want to have a lot of color in your eyes, choose a more neutral tone for your lips. If you really want to have that bright red lipstick you can do that too, and if done well it can go great with the smoky eye. Just make sure that your face looks beautiful as a whole, even perfectly executed eye makeup can look bad if paired with the wrong lip color. It is always a good idea for you to try out different looks and makeup styles before the day of the prom so you already have a good idea of how to create the look you want.

Final Looks

Once you have finished the foundation, the stunning eyes, and perfect lips you are ready to make an impression! Make sure to check yourself in the mirror one more time to see if you need to clean up any lines or correct any mistakes. If you do have something you need to fix no worries, a little bit of cotton and some water will fix it right up.

Now that you have your perfect makeup complete and are looking beautiful you can get ready to show your class just how much you really shine. Remember to check out our great course on mastering color with makeup to really boost your skills and create the ultimate prom look.