Prom Checklist: 6 Things You Need for Your Prom

prom checklistProm is an event that many teenagers will only experience once in their lives. That being said, there are important details that you need to pay attention to in order to have a time to remember. In order to remember all the important prom details, it is best advised to start a prom checklist of all the things you need. A lot happens leading up to the exciting evening, so start your to-do list now.

In the meantime, you will need to practice your picture-taking skills while working on getting your checklist done. Prom is one of those events where you want to keep the photos forever — and you want them to be good quality! Since many people take pictures with their smartphones, a good idea is to learn how to take the best photos with that medium. We offer a course here that can help you take the best photos using your iPhone. You will learn the tools and techniques needed to take beautiful, quality photos on your iPhone that you can look back at for years to come.

Prom Checklist

Below is a checklist of all the things you need to make your prom memorable and most importantly, fun. Pick and choose which ones you want for your prom experience, or use them all. What matters most is that you create the prom that you want.

  • Find a Date

When you think about prom, one of the first things that pop into your head is, “How do I find a date?” For those who are already dating a special someone, that question is easy. However, not everyone going to prom has it that easy. If you are not involved in a relationship already, finding a date can be one of the most stressful aspects of going to prom. Many scenarios could go through your head: “What if they already have a date?” “What if they don’t like me?” “What if I can’t find a date at all?” “What if they say yes and then change their mind?” See? This is stressful stuff.

If you are without and date and want to find one, the key to finding a date and dealing with the threat of rejection is self confidence. If you have confidence in yourself, the other person will see it in you. Self confidence is an attractive quality in a person, so if you have it, people will notice. If you’re nervous about asking someone to be your prom date, we offer a course on doubling your confidence and self esteem. In it, you will learn how to stop seeking approval from others, expanding your comfort zone, reminding yourself of all your great qualities and more. And remember: you don’t need a date to go to prom!

  • Find a Dress

Just as important (if not more) as finding a date is finding the perfect dress. Prom may not be your wedding, but the dress shopping comes in at a pretty darn close second. There’s no way around it: you will have to try on a lot of dresses to find the perfect one. You will also need to save up some money to splurge on your dress.

If you are worried about looking good in your dress or fitting into the dress perfectly, you can incorporate some exercise into your routine so you can play up your best assets and gain more confidence (there’s the c-word again) in areas you are not that fond of. An exercise that is fun yet challenging as well as strengthens and tones your body is yoga. If you are not athletic, yoga is an exercise that is good for all fitness levels and body types. Once you practice it a few times, you will see your body getting better at each pose, which will give you more confidence and the boost you need to go further with your practice. All of this combined will make you feel confident and gorgeous in your perfect dress. Not familiar with yoga? We offer a yoga course that focuses on a total mind and body transformation. Not only will you strengthen your body, but practicing yoga will help relieve stress as well. So those pre-prom jitters you have? You can calm them with yoga.

No matter what your shape or size, however, you will be beautiful at prom as long as you find a dress that fits your style and you wear it with confidence!

  • Organize Your Group

The most fun part about prom is experiencing it with your friends. It’s important that you know which people you want to spend your prom with and organize the evening with them. That includes making sure you have a table reserved with them at prom, renting a limo if that’s what you choose to do, finding a place to do pictures and (if you also choose to do) decide on a house where you can get ready together. With these things, it’s good to have one person in charge with organization so you can streamline communication and if there are any questions, there will be just one person to ask. If you are organized, this job could be something for you to take on.

  • Practice Your Dancing

This is prom, meaning there will be dancing. Pull out the ol’ full-length mirror and go wild with dance moves. Keep a few key moves handy during prom. If you have a date, take some dance classes with them so you can bust those out during prom. It’s also a great way to bond or get to know each other better before the big dance. Learn some moves straight out of Channing Tatum’s book with this course on street dance. Impress your fellow dancers with slides and glides you will learn through this course.

  • Makeup and Hair

What will really help accentuate your dress and make you shine is your makeup and hairstyle. You can go all out and splurge on professional makeup and hair, or you can save a little money and learn some makeup techniques and hairstyles yourself. The choice is yours to make and you should go with whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident. If you are up to experimenting and want to have a go at doing your own hair and makeup, we offer two courses that can help teach you how to get that perfect prom hair and makeup look. In this prom makeup course, you will learn how to prepare your skin, correct blemishes and apply the makeup properly. For more makeup tips, you can also take a look at this blog post, which gives you various prom makeup ideas. As for your hair, we offer this course for $10 that will teach you all kinds of different up-dos that are perfect for prom. It features 15 short instructional videos that focus on braids, chignons, pin-ups and more to give you the look you want for prom.

  • Photography

When you are all ready to dance the night away, make sure to document this important event through photos. Prom is supposed to be a great milestone in growing up and you will want to make sure you have great, quality photos that you can look back on years later. Like mentioned earlier, you will need to find a nice spot where you can go and take photos with your friends and date. Scout the locations ahead of time so you can find the perfect one that your group agrees on. Make sure you put aside at least an hour for photos and from there, you can go on and have hopefully one of the best nights of your life.