Profit Handsomely Teaching ESL Online

teach esl onlineIn order to teach English as a second language (ESL), the conventional wisdom has long said that you need to move to a foreign country. You would have to pack up all of your things, hop on a plane, and move to a faraway strange place for perhaps a year or more! For some people, the prospect of taking such adventurous action is exciting – and more power to them! But there are just as many people who would prefer to teach ESL from the comfort of their own home – or at a minimum, the comfort of their own hometown. Thankfully, it’s never been easier to teach ESL online, in particular with the advent of online teaching platforms such as Udemy. I should also mention that Udemy can be extremely lucrative for instructors as well. If you want to profit handsomely while leveraging your ability to teach ESL online, then you should become an ESL instructor on Udemy.


The Benefits of Teaching ESL Online


Let’s immediately begin by discussing the many benefits that are yours for the taking when you decide to teach ESL online. First and foremost, you can teach ESL online from anywhere. This is actually a really exciting notion even if you do like to travel. If you do happen to have the travel bug, then imagine being able to hop on a plane to an exotic destination and teach ESL there just by logging on at a Wi-Fi hotspot! Or imagine taking a road trip with your best friends and teaching ESL when you stop at a hotel or friend’s house for the night. When you teach ESL online, you give yourself the freedom of mobility to have an absolute rock star lifestyle.


That being said, the mobility benefit is not just for those travelers with wanderlust. Even if you’re very comfortable in your hometown, teaching ESL online makes life very, very convenient for you. You could teach ESL online from your dining room table or from the local coffee shop. There is the added bonus that when you work in your local community, you can make friends with the people around you and enhance your social life as well.


The second benefit to teaching ESL online is that you can be very specific about the type of ESL you teach. For example, perhaps you only want to teach ESL to foreign diplomats. If you enjoy international relations, then you could find teaching ESL to diplomats to be particularly exhilarating. Alternatively, maybe you really enjoy working with college students. If that’s the case, then you can tailor your ESL practice to the style and pace that suits college students best. If you want to tailor your ESL teaching experience to specific demographics that make sense for you, then you can go as niche as you want. And the beautiful thing about that is that with the popularity of online learning platforms such as Udemy, there is never a shortage of students. So if you want to teach ESL to college-age members of the foreign service who speak Spanish (for example), then there are probably hundreds of people ready and willing to take your Udemy course!


The Drawbacks of Traditional In-Country ESL


To be fair, let’s also examine the drawbacks of teaching ESL through traditional in-country programs, as compared to teaching ESL online. When you teach ESL in a foreign country, you are going to be in a very unfamiliar environment. There will be a different language and different social customs, for one, which can make for an interesting adjustment period. I have a friend of mine who lived abroad in Peru when we went to the Peace Corps, and he said that it took him about 10 months just to adjust to the pace of life there! People will treat you differently because you are a foreigner, and that can be a very strange and tiring situation after a while.


Secondly, when you teach ESL in-country, you are leaving your best friends behind in your hometown. You’ll most likely make friends while you are in country, but having a once-per-month Skype session with your best friends just doesn’t compare to the quality time that you have when you teach ESL online from home.


Third, the pay of teaching ESL in-country is often lower than you would like, and expenses are often higher than you would anticipate. Therefore, your cash flow will not be as positive as you would want. And if you want to live a fast lifestyle of nightlife and eating out most days, then you will find that the pay for ESL programs is very minimal. You’d have a much better time teaching ESL online, at a minimum to supplement your income, while you teach ESL in-country.


Achieve Unlimited Earning Potential With ESL Online


By far the most interesting benefit to teaching ESL online is that there is no limit to how much money you can earn. One pair of savvy instructors teaching about the iPhone’s new operating system earned over $250,000 in just two months on the platform Udemy! That amazing earning potential should cause you to perk up, because when you teach any subject matter on Udemy, you gain access to potentially thousands of students. ESL online is an increasingly popular niche, and more students are searching for online ESL courses every day. When you teach online, you can have as many students as you like – and imagine how much more money you can make when you convert those students into one-on-one coaching clients. You may find that your income skyrockets very shortly after you post your online video course related to ESL on Udemy.


Teach ESL Online At Udemy


Online learning platforms such as Udemy are quickly becoming one of the hottest and most in-demand ways to generate income while teaching your knowledge and expertise. If you are an ESL teacher and you want to dramatically increase your income while freeing up your time and allowing you mobility like you wouldn’t believe, then sign up to teach ESL online at Udemy now.