prezi alternativeLooking for a Prezi alternative? In your presentations, animation and layout can be huge assets if these help clarify your data and help you tell your story. There is no doubt that Prezi does this very well, but it doesn’t hurt to have a few alternatives you can use for all your different presentations.

If you want to check out Prezi before its alternatives,  here is an online course you might be interested in entitled Prezi for Educators that helps you learn how to create presentations using Prezi that are stunning. Also, here is a course entitled How to Create Epic Presentations and Videos with Prezi that shows you how to create stunning videos and presentations in a way that boost sales, engage customers and make you look like an expert. You will better be able to understand your own views and relate these to an awe-struck audience with ease using some of these delightful Prezi alternatives.

Whether it is for – a crash course, office meeting, college lecture of school project – you can always count on making a great presentation with these choices. You might want to check out this article entitled Best Presentation Software: 4 Options to Consider that will give you even more information about what tools you can use to present your stuff. Plus, here is a course entitled How to Create Stunning and Effective Presentations with alternatives to Prezi  that shows you how to create presentations that will blow your mind and do better than if you used Keynote or PowerPoint.

Here is a list of Prezi alternatives that will breathe life into your mental concepts.

As the name suggests, really explains what is offered by the company. You guessed it—slide shows. This Prezi alternative is great for easy, quick presentations that look exceedingly professional but do not require too many effects or animation. With, you will really need to rely on great visuals since there are not many templates you can choose from. Being HTML5 based, however, integrates gifs you can move around to provide the ‘look’ of videos.

Sparkol VideoScribe

This unique software is a great Prezi alternative. The software of VideoScribe sketches characters desired for viewers, making the story come alive. The video style hooks audiences and is quite intriguing. This works well for video presentations online but is not really geared for presentations that are live. With Sparkol, you get a generous suite of images and characters, even for free subscribers. It is easy to understand the interface as it allows for easy and quick video-creation. The features of ‘search’ helps you find the exact image or character from their built-in library. Again, Sparkol is a great way of creating presentations of video.


In the category of video presentations, RawShorts is the winner. With an interface that won’t really require a learning curve, you can create any video you love. These videos are great for demos, blogs and websites, so we’ve included this in the list even if you can’t integrate a slideshow with the video.


As they say, simplicity is beauty and Emaze has become a favorite Prezi alternative due mainly to its minimalist appeal. The interface is easy to use and for the user, Emaze breaks it down wonderfully. Extremely user-friendly, Emaze is also quite concise and clear. With cloud-based storage and HTML5, Emaze has flexible options for design that allows you to transition from a three dimensional to a two dimensional slide. Now how cool is that. Plus, it is extremely adaptable as it supports every language and platform.


You will love the special effects, awesome templates, style library and animated suite of characters that PowToon has to offer, making it a great Prezi alternative. The best part about this tool is that the final presentation you make, no matter how many pages it happens to be, will look so creative and professional, your audience may actually doubt you made it and assume you paid someone else thousands of dollars for what you are presenting.

OpenOffice Impress

One great Prezi alternative is the OpenOffice Impress tool. To create a presentation, you can use options of animation, high impact tools for drawing and special effects. There is clip art in 3D and 2D as well as some other characteristics that include a treasure chest of diagramming and drawing as well as slide shows full of effects and animations. In this Prezi alternative, there is a range of embedded views, Master Pages and multiple monitor support. It really does serve you ‘more power to your presentation’ on a silver platter, the way its tagline sort of says.


ZCubes is an online office suite and is a set of software that delightfully features ZSLide. You can decorate each masterpiece you create using text, images and animations just by simply using the method of drag and drop. You will also be able to sketch out thoughts and image that swim around your head with ease. To highlight some of your inputs, you can pencil or draw over them in a charming, ZCubes way.


Packed to the hilt with attributes in impressive sets, Empressr jumps on our Prezi alternative list with flying colors. The online tool for storytelling lets you manage, create and share rich presentations of media. Your slide show can be filled to the brink with audio bits, video and images as well as attractive tables and charts which come in handy, particularly when it is being created for a venture of business. The software is user friendly and provides you with a media library that is all-inclusive for managing and uploading your items of media. Your ideas become adorned with Google-imported pictures, Yahoo, Flickr and Photobucket. Once you create the perfect presentations, you can either get this published on the website of Empressr or embed the same within your favorite personal blog or social network site. You can also keep track of how many people and who have shown interest in your presentation. All this can be yours from Empressr without having to shell out one single penny.

Google Docs

The brain team behind Google Docs has claimed something like that it is a great alternative to Prezi in that it is great for seven or seven hundred page snooze fests. Or something like that. For your story to be presented to people, you can get your presentations integrated with seamless transitions, different themes, rich animations and customized drawings, among other gems. While on the go, you can still access your presentation as this gets saved and stored automatically on GoogleDrive. The house of Google has made available this web-based tool allowing you to edit presentations you open minus any dabbling in any options of special software. Like other Prezi-like alternatives, this one is something you can use immediately, without having to pay a single cent.

Presentation Engines

Do you want presentations that are incredible which connect you to your audiences? Presentation Engine comes to the forefront with promises it can very well deliver. It claims to be an affordable, easy solution to get your plans and ideas across to those that matter. With Presentation Engine, you can expect quick presentations of multimedia that ooze with professional, innovative designs. Many companies and organization in varied fields of technology, medical, hotel, advertising agencies, consulting and real estate use Presentation Engine as an alternative to Prezi with results you will be proud of.


This application is web-based and blasts its way into this fabulous compilation of alternatives to Prezi. What you’ll notice first with SlideRocket is that the user interface is packed with features. It puts a completely professional set of design tools at your beck and call for the creation of presentations that are engaging comprising varied layouts and themes as well as HD video, Flash, charts, audio, shapes, pictures and tables. You will also be able to share presentations via the slide library of SlideRocket with your admiring co-workers. Plus, according to its developer, you can pull data further in real time from sources like Yahoo! Finance stock quotes, Google Spread sheets and Twitter live feeds. Need to deliver presentations impromptu to your boss as you fly out on a trip for work? Stress not because you can share any presentation on any gadget compliant to HTML5, and the lite version is free of charge.

Zoho Show

Dubbed simply as Zoho Show, this Prezi alternative is known to be an online tool for presentation that enables you to create great presentations easily from scratch. Or thin air. However you want to call it. You can employ connectors and dynamic shapes to create flowcharts and diagrams for business. You will also be able to sprinkle images into your masterpieces plucked right out of Flicker or Picasa. You can even edit, review or access your presentation anytime no matter where you are, even from a cafe in an emergency low battery situation, as everything is stored online. In addition, you can remotely broadcast presentations to folks across the planet. Show 3.0 is the new version and features rich images, refreshing UI and unending effects of transition you can choose from.

Hope this helps! Here is a course entitled How to Make a Prezi Presentation that teaches you how to use Prezi for making awesome zooming presentations, before moving on to its alternatives.

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