prestashop vs magentoMost websites are about commerce in one form or another. Whether it’s to broaden the reach of your brand, to get your products or services out there, or to provide content about what you do, most companies have realized the power of the internet as a marketing and sales tool. The majority of companies are starting to realize the potential of online sales too. Choosing the right store application for your online sales and marketing can however be tricky. Opencart, Prestashop, Magento and Zen Cart are just a few of the thousands of online store applications available and choosing the right one for your business may seem intimidating at first. This article offers a comparison between two of the top online store management systems available today to help you select the best application for your business and for your online store needs. If you are new to internet marketing and sales, Learn How to Build Ecommerce Website From Scratch now. This course is a step-by-step guide to setting up an ecommerce website from scratch. It will teach you what the ecommerce framework is all about, and you will learn all about shopping carts and how these systems function. You will learn to set up a website and then you will learn how to add products and services to your shop. The course will teach you how to set up payment gateways and the course teaches you how to handle things like shipping, taxation and sales. The course will help you master the top open cart shopping systems and it will take you from setup to live to ensure your shop is ready for sales.

PrestaShop vs Magento – Introductions and Prices

Prestashop is open source software that was initially released in 2007 by Prestashop SA. In seven years the popularity of Prestashop as an ecommerce solution has literally exploded with reports that over 163 000 stores on the internet now run on Prestashop. The application has been translated into 63 different languages and the site boasts a community of over 600 000 active members. The beauty of Prestashop is that is it open source, so the basic application is available for free with paid add-on modules providing huge functionality to the system without driving up the cost. In other words, user can decide what functionality is needed and only pay for the modules they need. This doesn’t mean that Prestashop has to cost anything at all since the basic software comes with over 310 built in features which are free with the application. As an open source application, users need to calculate the costs of hosting the application into their comparison of Magento versus Prestashop.

Magento is currently the most popular ecommerce platform choice amongst companies. Magento was released by Magento Inc. in 2008 and according to reports Magento powers over 34% of the world’s ecommerce sites at the moment. Although Magento is referred to as open source, the community edition of Magento is aimed at developers wanting to create modules for the software. If you want to use Magento to power your online store, then you will need to select Magento Go or Enterprise edition, both of which come at a price. But that price is not exorbitant. As a startup or small organization, Magento Go offers to host your shopping cart for just $15 a month. If you don’t have a host yet, then this price is most likely less than what you would spend to host your site at another host.

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Magento vs PrestaShop – Installation and Setup

Magento is available as a fully hosted online store in the form of Magento Go or as a stand-alone version as the Magento Enterprise Edition. The installation of software therefore depends on the version you select. The Magento Go version is aimed at startups and small to medium enterprises and since the servers are already setup, no actual installation is in fact required. The Magento Enterprise Edition is aimed at large or multinational corporations and the installation can therefore be quite complicated. The setup of Magento is fairly simple, and using the Magento Go edition, it is quite possible to have your store up and running in a few hours.

PrestaShop does not offer a hosted solution, but as its popularity as an ecommerce solution grows, so does the support for this store. The installation of Prestashop therefore depends on the host you select for your ecommerce website. A number of hosting companies offer one-click installation of the software as part of their service and if this is the case, installation is simple without any technical knowledge necessary. If your host does not offer this option, then some technical expertise may be required for the installation of PrestaShop. As far as setup is concerned, PrestaShop is easy to understand and maintain and adding products or setting up your store is easy.

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Prestashop vs Magento – Features and Benefits

PrestaShop offers over three hundred features that make PrestaShop a powerful ecommerce solution for small business or startups who don’t have thousands of dollars for ecommerce solutions. The software itself is free, as mentioned above, and users only pay for extra modules they may need. Free features included in the open source software include:

·         Layered navigation

·         Fully customizable templates

·         Promotion rules

·         Unlimited currencies

·         Unlimited product and inventory management

·         Analytics and reporting

·         Multi-store management

·         Return management

PrestaShop also offers an impressive array of SEO features, customer management options and gifting options. As a free open source solution, the basic application really offers all of the features that a startup would hope to find. The disadvantage of PrestaShop is the fact that it is not really ideal for mobile applications.

The Magento Go application aimed at startups and small to medium sized enterprises, also offer a host of features and benefits as part of the hosting package. The features and benefits offered by Magento are similar to the features offered by PrestaShop with the added advantage that Magento Go is suitable for mobile applications and devices. Magento Go however does not offer gifting options.

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Magento vs PrestaShop – Selecting the Best Ecommerce Shopping Cart for You

In my opinion, there are a few differences between the two options that will help you select the best version for your needs. The first consideration is hosting. If you already have a host and the host supports PrestaShop, then that would be a deciding factor for me in terms of which platform to choose. The second consideration is whether your customers will be using mobile technology or whether they will be surfing via PC. If you customer base are predominantly mobile users, then Magento would be your best choice.

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