Presentation Software: Enhance Your Slide Show Presentation

presentationsoftwarePublic speaking is an art form that can be perfected with practice.  Learning how to engage and interact with a large audience of peers and colleagues that we may have never seen or met before is not always an easy thing to do.  It takes many presentations and some trial and error to perfect not only our public speaking skills, but our presentation skills.  Public speaking in itself is a craft that many people struggle with.  Some of the first presentations I gave made me feel so nervous and anxious I didn’t think I would be able to remember what I was supposed to be presenting, or even how to speak!  The more presentations that I was able to give, the more confident I became in my presentation skills and soon those feelings faded.

I also learned how to engage my audience with not only words, but by using presentation software that would keep my presentations interesting.  Two of my trustworthy software friends are PowerPoint and Prezi (although I’m exploring some other popular software that I will share with you shortly.) I found ways that I could gather information from the audience during and after my presentations that helped me to identify areas  the audience found interesting and other areas which could use some improvement.  Since you will be doing the majority of the speaking and the presentation is used to display information to the audience it’s good to find a presentation platform that can interact with your audience.  To master how to write and present speeches don’t waste another second and check out our Public Speaking Made Easy course to gain the knowledge necessary to craft and present a speech confidently.

presentationsoftwareThere are a variety of great presentation platforms available, some are even free and can be incorporated into a presentation that has been created using a different platform, such as PowerPoint.  PowerPoint has been the go to platform for many and is still a great tool to use when needing to create a slide presentation.  There are ways to customize your presentation and make it stand out above the rest.  Enroll in our course How To Create A Successful Slide Presentation to join thousands of others who want to learn ways to amaze their clients, colleagues and bosses with their slide presentations.  If you have mastered your public speaking skills, and understand the fundamentals of PowerPoint but feel that you are not utilizing all of the functionality that it has, now is the time to enhance  your PowerPoint skills by enrolling in our Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Advanced course.

Finding the perfect Presentation Platform will depend on what you are presenting, who you are presenting to, and whether or not you want to be able to gather information from your audience to use during and / or after your presentation has ended.  Here are some great presentation platforms that you may want to consider when planning for your next presentation.


EverySlide is an amazing presentation tool that can be used with any presentations that have been created using PowerPoint or Keynote.  You can upload your completed presentation to EverySlide and press Present to receive a unique URL that your audience can use to join your slideshow using any device that they may have.  Ask your audience questions or run an instant poll during your slide presentation.  After your presentation, you can review your participating audiences’ online interactions or download their responses as a spreadsheet that you can save and review at a later time.  Audience members can even answer your poll anonymously if they don’t want to share their personal information with you.  This powerful tool will help you to keep your audience engaged and involved by allowing you to ask open-ended questions during your presentation.  Use any information that you gather to tailor your slide shows and deliver the information your audience wants to see.  The best part about EverySlide is that you can leave a copy of your slides and contact information on audience devices that can be accessed at a later time.


presentationsoftwareSwipe is another great interactive tool that can be used to transform traditional slide presentations into interactive presentations.  Swipe allows you to transform your presentation by allowing you to drag and drop to upload, add web content, and share a link with your audience and present live from anywhere that you have an internet connection.  The links that you do share with your audience will never expire unless the presentation has been deleted by you.  An issue that sometimes occurs in PowerPoint is that it’s not always easy to rearrange slides after they have been created.  Swipe allows you to simply drag and drop to rearrange your slides on any device and using any browser.  You can embed videos, share your presentation and track how many people have viewed your presentation using this great application.


presentationsoftwareClassFlow is a great cloud based application that allows teachers to connect mobile devices such as tablets and laptops to SMART Boards, Promethean ActivBoards and other interactive classroom displays.  Educators can use this presentation tool to create interactive lesson plans, connect with every student and achieve instant feedback from their students to learn if the students are understanding and progressing at an appropriate rate by incorporating questions into the ClassFlow presentation.


Prezi is another innovative cloud-based presentation platform.  Since it is cloud-based it can be accessed from any device with web browser capability.  You even have the capability to auto-sync your presentation to all of your devices with ease allowing you to access the latest version of your work.  Prezi uses a zooming user interface (ZUI) to allow you to zoom in and out of your presentation media.  Another great feature is that multiple users have the ability to access and edit the same presentation.  If you are working on a presentation with a team member, Prezi is the way to go.  To learn more about how to create epic presentations and videos with prezi, enroll in this course on making genius Prezi presentations.

As you can see there are many presentation platforms available to use to enhance and take your traditional slide presentation to the next level.  Use these tools to make your presentations memorable and leave audiences talking about them and sharing them with others in a good way.