powerpoint alternativesMany people have a love-hate relationship with PowerPoint. Maybe you are one of these people. If so, this could be partly because like most people, you believe presenting slide after slide is a bad public speaker’s crutch. Others do not like the style of the software, while others simply hate meetings and all things that remind them of meetings. Or, you could be the one causing the zzz’s with your slides and this means you may need PowerPoint alternatives or to brush up on your presentation skills. Here is a course called, ‘Jumpstart Your Presentation Skills Today’ that will help you do just that! Sadly, presentations and meetings are a part of life for people in the business world. If you prefer to stay far away from this product and wish there was a cool alternative out there so you don’t have to install Microsoft Office because you just don’t feel like it, there is. As a matter of fact, there are more than a few of these. Installable, web-based alternative software for your desktop abound. Some are extremely simple to use, which many folks prefer to the slew of complicated formatting and extras that PowerPoint involves. Some are only for use online, making them accessible anytime you are connected to the internet. Naturally, knowing basic PowerPoint is okay too. After all, it makes a great foundation for learning all the cool new stuff. Here is a course called PowerPoint Psychology that shows you how great slides are created.

SoftMaker Presentations Mobile

If PowerPoint was ever released by Microsoft for Android, this would probably be almost identical to SoftMaker Presentations Mobile. This app is powerful and lets you create slide decks right from scratch using your Android gadget. You can also save and import your existing file in .pptx or .ppt formats. Okay, let’s be honest. There is not as much finesse as some of the other alternatives on this list. At best, it is a rudimentary clone of PowerPoint, letting you create the simplest, most basic of slideshows. However, what it can do is import various presentations from sources including online and memory services like SkyDrive, Google Drive, Evernote, and Dropbox. The moment you have these files in place, you can email them forward or restore them to where you got them from. Okay, let’s get one thing straight. This app is not as much about a PowerPoint replacement as it is about creating a mobile PowerPoint, with great tools for accessing the presentations you already have while you are on the go.


At the conference room, one presentation after another just becomes boring with a capital B. Many times, it’s not even about bad content, but rather the fact that everyone has just seen too many slideshows to last their entire life and their children’s. Prezi seems to realize this and has created custom, eye catching animations that just make everything interesting again. The way it works is that you assemble various information snippets like video, graphics and text and get these together on a themed, giant virtual poster board. This means that rather than flipping from one slide to the other, Prezi flies around a flat board that zooms in and out for the audience to view before going on to the next item on the board. Quite a nice change, isn’t it? I knew this would get your attention. Wait, there’s more. All of this occurs with an animated, dazzling flow that something that took thousands of dollars and weeks to create. Really thought, it is just the template of Prezy stacked with extra infographics and your data. Sound is the latest, newest feature so you can now include music in the background that plays as you present. You can even add sound effects or voice overs as well as ‘foot steps’ as it moves to another area. The thing is Prezi delivers such a cinematic, smooth experience that I think it would be safe to say that this is the coolest alternative to PowerPoint as of yet.

Pixxa Perspective

Aren’t all presentations really just audio-visual stories? This concept is what makes the Perspective iPad app. This tool is powerful and even if it comes with both a price tag and a learning curve, the results you get from Pixxa make it worth it. Think of it as learning PowerPoint (PPT) all over again, once you ‘get it’ things begin to work smoothly. For each slide, you get a choice of various graphs, diagrams, images and texts that you might want to use. You can also import different types of files including CSV files, local Excel files or anything you stored in Drive. The bubble and bar charts have the option of being animated to better highlight market trends and sales forecasts. There is an option for you to find images online to add to your slides if you need more art. By the way, here is a great article on Poster Presentation and all the templates and other options that are possible.

Presentation Free 2013

Are you looking for a traditional PowerPoint (PPT) alternative, one that closely emulates the process of slideshow building and runs on Windows? Presentation 2013 is a compelling option. You can get this as part of the Kingsoft Office Free 2013 suite or available separately. Most of your slide deck needs will be satisfied by this program. You get a ginormous head start on Presentation Free if you already happen to be familiar with PowerPoint. Its interface heavily borrows from Ribbon by Microsoft, thought it does have a 2nd option for interface that totally resembles older PowerPoint versions. Either way, it’s an easy product to learn. Whichever interface you select, this PowerPoint alternative has one great features that still eludes every other interface: a tabs for documents that makes it easier to switch between many open presentations. As a jumping-off point, a generous presentation template library is supplied by Kingsoft along with nice options for animations, color schemes and layouts. To your slides, you can add endless elements, everything from Flash animation, movies, background music and sounds. The best part is that existing presentations in PPT formats can be opened by Presentation Free including the ones saved in the new .pptx formats. It can save only to older formats though. You also have options of converting your files of presentations to PDF files. Finally, for those who love a pretty presentation, most users agree that this is pretty much as pretty as it gets. Did I say pretty?

Haiku Deck

For all it can and can’t do, Haiku Deck is well worth considering. You can use this PowerPoint alternative via an iPad app or via the web to create some of the best designed slides for that meeting next week. With Haiku Deck, you are able to sign in through a Twitter or Facebook account. As it says in the slide deck introduction, Haiku Deck is about thirty-three per cent beauty, thirty-three per cent simplicity and thirty-four per cent fun. The use of imagery and art is stressed by Haiku Deck which makes it a must for any designer. At the same time it provides access to six included themes and thirty-five million free stock pieces to go with it. Plus the option to purchase additional ones. It is easiest to present the Haiku Deck you created with an iPad but all your created decks can also be embedded into other websites. These can also be exported into KeyNote and PowerPoint formats. Of course, Haiku Deck prefers that you publish your creation on their website, which makes them available for the public to admire. At the same time, you can also make it totally private or show it to a limited audience of your choice, according to your preference.

Presentation by Google Drive

For use on the web, Google Drive has included the 3 necessary top tools: a spread sheet, a word processor and a package for presentation that we shall name Presentation, since there is no name specified. This is a hard package to beat especially when you take into account the online storage capabilities of the service. The collaboration features of Presentation are the most useful. Slides can be worked on from multiple locations by multiple users. This is something that Drive lets you do with spread sheet and processing documents as well. All changes are tracked with the revision history so that you can find out who did what at all times. The best part is that you never have to click save to guarantee the permanence of your documents. Just like any good office suite, flexibility abounds when you use Presentation. You can upload files of PowerPoint for playback or editing on to Presentation by Google Drive or export the formatted Google Drive files to PDF or PPT formats as needed, which enables you to work using other types of formats. When you happen to be creating slide decks from scratch, you can select from twenty visual themes (remember the templates of PowerPoint? They are called ‘themes’ in Presentation). These work for screen ratios of 16:10, 16:9 or 4:3.  You can enter unseen comments, link shapes, create tables or draw shapes inside a slide.


Are you a Mac user who won’t touch PowerPoint (PPT) by Microsoft if your life depended on it? If so, you will love Keynote. More than love, really. Only available as a Mac-user software download, it lets you do everything that PPT does but is easier to use at the same time. Here is a course about how to create a professional, polished presentation using Keynote that totally stands out from the crowd.


The undisputed ‘interesting’ PowerPoint(PPT) alternative is PowToon. If you want your audience to shed tears at exactly the moments they are supposed to, you can probably do it with PowToon. There are emotional hooks a great pitch and story lines. You are able to tell a story using the animated character rather than just show fact after fact that way you are used to doing with PowerPoint. The best part is that with just a modification here and there, you can create short video clip animations from what you are presenting and feature this on your website. Did this help? If you want to know how to create successful slide presentations, here is a course that will help you create the show-stopping presentation you always thought was possible.

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