Poster Presentation Template Options for Your Next Poster Presentation

Effective Presentation SkillsPowerPoint has been used for a great number of things since its creation beyond simple presentations. If you have an upcoming poster presentation, you might be concerned about making the right impression. Check out the templates available on these websites, and pick the right one for your presentation.

If you have PowerPoint 2013, there is a science project poster template available that you can easily customize to suit your needs. There are also two other templates for medical posters, but these are for PowerPoint 2003. Again, any of these templates can be customized, and you can usually use older templates even in the newer PowerPoint programs. Some features or formatting might be off, but the basic template will still be available allowing you to add your own customization to it. If you need help using PowerPoint, you can learn how to use PowerPoint 2010 with an online course.

Want even more options? Read on to find some great poster presentation templates you can use!

Free Poster Templates from PosterPresentations

These free templates are easily customizable, and they also offer different sizes for each template. There is a great number of templates available in different versions of PowerPoint so if you happen to have an older version of PowerPoint, you can easily find a template that will work with your version.

PosterPresentations offers more than just free poster templates, however. If your business needs a place to print the poster, PosterPresentations also offers printing services. All you would have to do is download the template you want, input the text, images, and graphics for your presentation, and submit the presentation to them to print. Learn how to use PowerPoint 2007 to create your poster presentations.

Genigraphics Templates for Scientific, Medical, and Research Posters

Like PosterPresentations, Genigraphics offers more than just free templates. They also offer poster printing. If your company is looking for a poster printer, you might want to consider Genigraphics. The templates they have available work for both PC and Mac versions of PowerPoint. Templates for PC work with PowerPoint 2007, 2010, and 2013. Mac templates work for PowerPoint 2008 and 2011. Each template has specific sizes available, but Genigraphics also offers you the opportunity to use a scaled template, which they will then print to the size you want when you submit your order. Many of the templates also have several different color schemes available to make customization even easier when creating your poster. Like PosterPresentations, you would download the template and input your information before returning it to the company to be printed.

If you need help with PowerPoint 2010, try an online tutorial.

MakeSigns‘ Scientific Poster PowerPoint Templates

MakeSigns not only offers free templates, but like PosterPresentations and Genigraphics, they also offer to print your poster. Some of the templates they offer are designed to be posted to a trifold board, and they offer printing and posting your poster presentation to a trifold board. There are a good number of templates available on MakeSigns, and some of them have quite remarkable backgrounds like Space Galaxy and Space Planets. All of the templates come in a variety of sizes, and they are designed to be customizable to suit your needs. There is a list of companies that have already requested customized posters through MakeSigns, and if your company is interested in doing the same, you can request a customized theme. These custom themes include the company’s specified color scheme as well as the company’s custom logo.

LaTeX Templates for Conference Posters

Though there are fewer templates than the sites listed above, these templates are still worth looking at if you’re looking for something clean, simple, and quick. There are six total templates, and they can all be customized once you download them. If the above sites don’t have what you’re looking for, you might want to consider one of these six templates.

Google Docs Poster Presentation Templates

If you don’t have PowerPoint, you might be wondering how you can create your poster presentation without shelling out some money to first purchase a Microsoft Office suite or PowerPoint on its own. Luckily, Google Docs has a section of poster presentation templates too, so you can use Google Docs free presentation creator to create your presentation. These Google Docs presentations can usually then be downloaded onto a computer and will work with PowerPoint. Best of all, because you’re using Google Docs you can access your presentation at any computer with a web browser, and you can easily share it via email or Google Docs with anyone that might need access to it.

Need help putting together your poster presentation?

Once you’ve chosen your template, you might need some help figuring out how to set up your poster presentation so you can really shine. Colin Purrington has a blog post that talks about nothing except designing conference posters. He gives advice, helps you pick out different software, offers templates, gives you a list of dos and don’ts, and he even offers help on presenting the poster. He even has a poster presentation that details everything in the blog post onto one single-page summary. If you’re a teacher, Colin Purrington has granted free access to this poster for teachers to post in their classrooms so they can learn how to create posters. He even has a PDF copy of the worst poster ever that he designed as an example.

UNC Graduate School also has a number of resources available to help you create your poster presentation. It begins with a section on general advice like how to prepare and how to present the poster. There’s a section filled with advice and tips for using PowerPoint as well as resources to make your PowerPoint presentation even better. There’s a good section on academic poster design advice, and there’s a section following that on designing posters for different subjects. Along with all of this advice, most of it written by graduates of UNC Graduate School, there are also a bunch of helpful tutorials for using PowerPoint, InDesign, or Illustrator to design your poster presentation. This site also includes links to templates and examples of posters designed by others.

For even more tips on using PowerPoint to create you poster presentation, take a tutorial on PowerPoint 2013.