Positive Thinking TechniquesMost of us have experienced the fear of public speaking at some stage in our lives. The microphone is coming and you have no idea what to say, how to introduce yourself or how you will even get your voice to work when it’s your turn to speak.  This is where the power of positive thinking comes in. The Speak Up! – Stand Out course is an online public speaking training program that will transform the way you experience public speaking and the way audiences experience you.

Positive thinking can help you to improve your ability to speak in public. Thoughts are powerful and the following article will show you how thoughts can affect your life and how the power of your thoughts can be harnessed to improve your public speaking ability.

The Power of Thoughts

Have you ever stopped to consider what negative thoughts are actually doing to you? How you feel after you have negative thoughts? After you criticize yourself or somebody else? How do you feel? Well, there is evidence that it actually does have an impact on your body – not just your mind, but it physically impacts your body – and the fact is it actually weakens you. And here’s the best part – you don’t have to take my word for it. Your own muscles and the process of muscle testing will prove it to you. Your conscious mind – and what you think – really matters and is actually affecting your muscle strength and your physical body.

Muscle testing is an amazing tool to show you how thoughts directly affect your body. With muscle testing you’re not checking strength, you’re actually checking energy. Everything that’s truthful, that you’re in harmony with, that’s life supporting for you will make all your muscles very strong and vice versa. Everything that’s not true, that’s negative for you, that is harmful to you, that you’re not in harmony with, will weaken all your muscles and weaken your energy field. Muscle testing allows you to tap into your subconscious very easily, and you can also use muscle testing to figure out which thoughts serve you best.

See a demonstration of the power of Energy Muscle testing as a tool to cleanse your negative thoughts to use it yourself.

A Simple Muscle Testing Exercise

Your conscious mind and what you think really matters. It’s actually affecting your muscles. To demonstrate, ask a friend or colleague to do this experiment with you. Get your friend to form a circle with their thumb and forefinger. Then ask them to tell you their real name. Try to break the circle with your finger while they think about, focus on and tell you their name. You will find that you cannot break the circle. The circle is very strong because the muscles are strong. The body supports your positive or true thoughts. Then ask them to make up a fictitious name and try to break their circle again. The circle will break easily. The muscles are automatically weakened by the lie and their thoughts when they are telling a lie. Swap places and try the experiment again.

Next, choose two images, one of a happy face and one of a disapproving face. Try the experiment again. You will notice that the happy face causes muscle strength while the negative face causes muscle weakness.

This muscle testing experiment shows you how negative thoughts affect you. Now that you know muscle testing works and how your thoughts affect you, you can harness this power to show you how thoughts limit your ability to speak in public.

Taking the Experiment to the Next Level

Try the experiment again but use the following phrase: “I’m afraid of public speaking.” You will notice it is still quite easy to break the circle. Now try, “I am kind of a little, little apprehensive talking in front of people.” The circle will be a little harder to break. Finally try thinking about how wonderful it would be to feel comfortable in front of a lot people. The circle will be even stronger.

The power of positive thoughts can really transform you and can transform the appearance that you have in front of people, or how comfortable you are meeting somebody. The true beauty of this is that you can test it using the muscle testing system mentioned above. It’s really true and anybody can test it by using a partner and testing themselves.

So, you choose your thoughts for the most part, unless you have subconscious sabotage – for example, if you were four years old and you talked in front of the class and everybody laughed at you, then you may have some subconscious sabotage, which would take an entirely different course of treatment.

Energy Muscle Testing is an integral part of detecting and removing subconscious sabotage, but as you can see from this demonstration of muscle testing on a conscious level, the power of positive thoughts are illustrated in your body and in your muscles.

Using Thoughts to Improve your Public Speaking Performance

We’ve shown you how important it is to create positive thoughts about your public speaking performance. To harness the power of positive thoughts, you need to imagine the performance going well. You need to imagine yourself speaking clearly and confidently. You need to think about yourself having an incredible performance and it is critical that you plant those positive thoughts from the very beginning. If you have a history of feeling nervous meeting people for the first time, then you need to say to yourself that you love meeting new people. You need to imagine yourself telling people that you really love what you do. Even if you don’t think it’s true, even if you don’t feel it in this moment, the idea is that thought strengthens your body. It actually changes the way you feel about it.

It also increases your aura and enhances your immune system. Thinking positive thoughts do you a lot of good. Like the Dalai Lama said, “When you go to the market and you want to buy apples and you see a nice apple and then you see a rotten apple, which one do you buy?” The good apple of course. So why would you choose your rotten thoughts when you can choose nice, positive happy thoughts? Positive thoughts truly pave your way to success, and now you can try it yourself. Learn to harness the power of your mind through the  The Speak Up! – Stand Out course today.

Positive Thoughts Don’t Only Affect You

Now that you know that positive thoughts really strengthens your body, what happens when you take that energy and you share it with other people? When you start working with this concept you will see for yourself – and I’ve seen it happen in a room full of very negative people – that when you bring that positive energy up and you actually focus on touching another person, making them feel a little bit lighter, a little bit happier, amazing things happen. You can see this effect if you try an exercise called, The Elevator.

The Elevator is just that, it’s an exercise that you do in an elevator because it is the perfect social experiment. We’re all trapped in this really, really small space, there is a very specific task which is either get in or get out. And when we get into this space we all pretend that no one else is there and we just look at the numbers and we don’t talk to anybody and we’re in our own little thoughts, and it’s usually negative. We’re normally thinking about being late, being in a hurry, or whatever; and we don’t open ourselves up to anybody else.

So here’s an amazing experiment you can try. The next time you’re in an elevator, try sharing some of your light, your energy with somebody else in a very simple way. So, you’re going to see that person being very focused and not really interested in communicating with anyone else, and you’re going to say to them, “Hey, do you have the time?” Or perhaps you’ll say, “Oh, I can’t believe how the day flies.” Or you could try, “Oh, it is so nice outside, thank God it stopped raining. I like you shoes.” You are going to say something simple, something easy. And then watch how your energy can literally change the energy of the other person in an instant.

Positive Thoughts are Contagious

If you just smile at somebody, they smile back. It really is infectious. So, as a performer, what is going on here changes everything. When you’re in that room – and we’ve all been there before – and they say, okay, we’re going to pass the microphone around and we want everyone to introduce themselves and tell us something funny about you, you freeze up. Even performers have moments where they feel they can’t talk in public or can’t perform.That’s because what ends up happening is you’re sitting in you chair and that critic within you is saying, “Oh my God, I hate– I’m horrible with a microphone. There is nothing funny about me. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m nervous.” The critic is focusing on negative thoughts.

Your mental attitude here is critical, and that’s why the exercises in the The Speak Up! – Stand Out course that you will learn serve as your training ground, so that in those moments you can adjust yourself and say these positive things to yourself while that microphone is coming. You’ll be thinking, “It’s coming, it’s coming!” You will be watching it travel around the room, it’s only three people away, two people away, oh what’s my funny thing?  What do you think it will take for you to grab that microphone knowing that you’ve already prepared yourself saying, “I can’t wait to grab that microphone. I can’t wait to say who I am. I can’t even wait to admit that I really don’t even know what’s funny about me.” And you know what? That’s funny. Whatever it is that you say, it will be that energy, that training that will help you sail through any situation.

And that open, compassionate, fun, loving energy will be the thing that attracts all of those same types of people to you. It will attract the right people and the right opportunities. That’s why you’re here. When you learn these skills and you practice them over and over and over again, you strengthen yourself like an athlete in training. And the positive work and positive energy that you radiate will literally touch every single person that you meet. Try it on an elevator.

I hope I’ve given you some positive thoughts to consider today. Develop the voice and the mindset that will help you succeed in public speaking and succeed in life now by registering for  The Speak Up! – Stand Out course from Udemy now!

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