Pole Dance Fitness: Improve Your Health and Confidence

pole dance fitnessPole dancing was once thought to exist solely within the realm of the exotic arts, but once word got out that it helped with strength, flexibility, and endurance, it took on a new popularity with women of all backgrounds. Pole dancing fitness classes can be pretty easily found in most cities around the country, but it has yet to find its way to your local gym or health club. Even though pole dancing provides a great workout, it is still quite theatrical and sensual, and as a result, some in the fitness community may regard it as something of a lark or a fad. If you feel this way, and would rather workout from home, this course on total body home workout may be a better fit.

If you think pole dance fitness may be a good fit your you, we’ll introduce you to the basics of this erotic workout. And if you happen to end up working out on the pole, don’t forget to put on some good workout music to accompany your new routine! If you’re having trouble finding just the right thing, look no further than this article on the the perfect workout music.

Pole Dancing Classes: What to Expect

No matter what your fitness or experience level, there’s a pole dancing class out there that’s perfect for you. If you’re curious about this kind of workout but a little nervous, we’ll let you know what a class is like so there will be no surprises should you pull the trigger and hop up on that pole.

If you can’t get over the idea of pole dancing in front of a bunch of strangers, or don’t know if you can commit to a two month-long course, you may want to consider a pole preview class, which is exactly what it sounds like: you go for an hour to feel it out with no long-term commitment. You may also instead prefer private classes. If you decide on a regular class, you have the option of choosing a female-only class. You may also want to make sure the class cannot be watched by those not in the class. Finally, expect a G-rated experience, with workout attire being worn, and nothing too sexy happening on the poles.

Depending on where you decide to go for your classes, you’ll find a plethora of choices to decide from. While they will all be of varying difficulties and focus on different moves and areas of the body, we can show you what to expect as you move forward in your pole dancing fitness pursuits.

  1. Beginner: These classes will get you familiar with the pole, showing you novice moves such as spins, transitions, poses, and maybe some floor work. Usually a beginner pole dance fitness class culminates in a dance routine.
  2. Intermediate: Next, you may start learning how to climb the pole, as well as more spins and poses. Cardio may be focused on in these classes, as you now probably have most of the basic movements down.
  3. Advanced: Here, you’ll focus more on strength training, in addition to keeping up the cardio, hanging upside down on the pole, and using your legs more often.
  4. Expert: Finally, if you really want to take it to another level or even perform, expert classes are available.

Benefits of Pole Dancing Fitness

There are many reasons to start doing pole dancing to help get in shape. It not only helps you on the outside, it also helps with confidence.

  1. Lose Weight: One beginner pole dancing class can burn up to 250 calories, and may be a good source for significant wight loss. If you really stick to it, dropping 40 to 50 pounds over the course of about eight months is not unheard of.
  2. Tones Muscles: Hopping up on a pole and supporting your entire body weight for an hour a week is going to form some muscles – everywhere. All the jumping, squatting, and hanging will workout the legs, including the hamstrings, calves, and quads. Your core and abs are constantly engaged as you balance and move about on the pole. Back definition will happen, due to all the climbing and hanging. And finally, your upper body will get the most attention of all, what with all the spinning, climbing, and maneuvering.
  3. More Flexibility: Just the warming up for pole dancing classes will have the stiffer students howling for mercy. Once on the pole, you’ll be doing splits and back bends, and in the process improving your range of motion, balance, and coordination. If you want to show up prepared and able to actually touch your toes, this yoga and fitness course will get you ready.
  4. Helps With Confidence: Not only does pole dancing release endorphins, which will make you feel good right away, it will also help in the long run, making you feel and look beautiful. If you can get up on a pole and twirl around in front of a bunch of strangers, you can probably do anything. It’ll also give you some moves to display for that special someone, and if you’re feeling really frisky, you can purchase a pole for the house, and show off what you learned in class. This course on boosting your self confidence will help you out if you don’t quite feel up to pole dancing classes.

If you’re considering pole dancing as a source of fitness, there’s no better time than the present to check it out. Much like rock climbing, surfing, or swimming, pole dancing is a great total body workout, and it edges out those other sports by offering a healthy dose of confidence and sexiness in the end. If you’re still not quite sure if you want to hop up there on the pole, this pole dancing video course is an inexpensive way to see if it might be for you.