html interview questions and answersYour resume will get you to the table, but your charm won’t win you a job. You’ll have to be able to prove – in practice – that you have the talents and skills your future employer is looking for. The following represent a sample of common PLSQL-related interview questions.

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What is PL/SQL?

PL/SQL is the Procedural extension to Structural Query Language. To get a thorough overview of practical SQL applications, take a look at this popular course. PL/SQL is a more powerful code with the ability to run on either the client or server side.

Describe a FUNCTION and a PROCEDURE.

Functions return specified values. Procedures don’t return value, but they can stop execution. Because they are procedural versus Structural, values are essential in PL/SQL coding.

How can you encrypt a PL/SQL package?

Use the command WRAP.

What are implicit and explicit cursors?

Cursors are created when SQL and PL/SQL codes are executed. If there is more than one line of data returned, an explicit cursor is used to ensure that data is processed sequentially.

How many triggers can apply to one table? What types are there?

Triggers are made of combinations of BEFORE and AFTER paired with ROW and TABLE and INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and ALL. There can be 12 to one table. Interested in a fast and fun overview of everything you need to know on Oracle? Check out a free online course today!

What are exceptions?

Exceptions are also known as errors. They can be predefined, such as VALUE_ERROR, or user defined. Get the skinny on other common errors through a course on Oracle fundamentals.

Name the parts of a PL/SQL block.

Blocks are made of the following three parts: declarative, executive and exception.

Name popular objects used in Oracle.

·        INDEXES

·         SEQUENCES

·         TABLES

·         VIEWS, and others

Which is faster, IN or EXIST?

EXIST is faster because it returns a Boolean – true or false – value.

What restrictions does LONG have when used in tables?

LONG cannot be used with ORDER BY or WHERE. It can only be used in one column per table too.

What is the difference between a pre query and a post query?

pre query only fires once.

Demonstrating a solid understanding of the answers to these kinds of questions will ensure you walk into interviews at an advantage. Please come back after you’re hired to post the questions you were posed during your own interviews.

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