Pilates – Ultimate Rescue Mechanism For Thigh Fat

pilatesDo you wish to keep the ugly sight of bulging thigh fat at bay? If are nodding in approval then your quest for finding the perfect remedy to fight off unwanted body fat has finally come to halt. The wonderful mechanism of Pilates is known for its holistic approach in enhancing muscle flexibility and strength. Let’s look at the various techniques of Pilates that will leave you with tightened thigh muscles.

The Anatomy of Thigh Muscles

Before heading off to discuss thigh-toning exercises it is fundamental for you to understand the anatomy of the thigh muscles. Your thigh consists of four key muscles which are listed as follows:

  1. Hamstrings – This is a group of three muscles that run at the back of your thighs.

  2. Quadriceps – This is a muscle which stretches at the front of the thigh and is divided into four portions.

  3. Adductors – These are present on the inner side of your thighs.

  4. Abductors – These are present on the outer region of the thighs.

How to reduce thigh fat with Pilates?

Moving on towards the physical exercises you need to make sure that you focus on engaging these four main thigh muscles. The following list mentions exercises that ensure that each muscle is the “star” of the toning regime:

  1. The Saw – The core muscles used in this Pilates stance is your hamstrings and abdominals. You need to sit straight on a mat with your legs extended and arms loosely placed at the sides. Slowly and gradually start to spread both of your legs while maintaining your sitting straight stance. Along with this lift your arms ensuring that they are shoulder-width apart. Then you need to bend your torso to the right side and bow down in the forward direction ensuring that your left hand is place over the right foot. Repeat this movement by turning your right torso and putting your right hand over the left foot. Make sure that you repeat this movement 15 times by taking breaks after every 5 movements.

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  1. Leg Pull Front – This Pilates regime focuses the energy on toning the quadriceps. Sit straight on a mat and extend your legs straight. Put both your hands behind your back while maintaining a shoulder-width distance. Slowly lift your hip from the floor in such a manner that your entire body weight is supported by the palms of your hand and heels. Then lift your right leg in mid-air for a duration of 5 seconds. Repeat this movement with the left leg and continue this movement alternating both your legs at least 20 times.

  2. Side Kicks – This is an essential exercise aimed at shaping your adductors. Lie down on your exercise mat sideways and support your head with your hand. Place the other hand on the floor to maintain your balance. Start off by lifting your left leg and bring it to the level of your hips. Repeat this for 6 times before doing the same movement with your right leg. It is crucial to concentrate on engaging your muscles completely to ensure that you get satisfactory results.

  3. Hip abduction – This exercise tone your abductor muscles. You need to lie down on your back on the mat and stretch one leg straight while stretching the other leg towards the roof. The breathing techniques are really important for smooth performance of this exercise. Inhale and bring the leg facing the roof down to the midline of your body. Then start exhaling while you move the leg in a circular motion and take it back to the initial position. You need to repeat this movement 8 times and then do anti-clockwise circular motion with each leg.

With these Pilates techniques along with deep yoga stretching you can trim and firm up your thighs and butt in no time! As your core becomes stronger you can add an additional challenge to your workout by including 2lbs. ankle weights to your regimen.  Strong legs and buttocks helps keep your entire body solid and strong and establish a healthy foundation for a kick butt life!

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