Pilates Training For Health, Well Being and Weight Loss

pilates trainingWe all know that exercise is required as part of a healthy balanced lifestyle and that exercise is essential for weight loss as well. But finding the right type of exercise can be challenging and there isn’t always time to go to a gym or have money to hire a personal trainer. Getting your body into shape need not be too time consuming or expensive. The Mat Pilates for the Perfect Body course teaches students all about the Pilates mat routines and workouts. This course provides students with workouts aimed at getting the body into shape. The course also contains information on sculpting, using a physiotherapy ball and Pilates, as well as teaching students the magic circle.

Pilates Training in Your Own Home

There are a number of exercises that you can do in your own time at home. Pilates is an excellent choice if you are looking for an exercise routine that is safe, effective and good for both weight loss and the home environment.

Pilates does not require any expensive equipment and the routines themselves are not stressful or strenuous, so the chances of injury due to Pilates is very small. Pilates is also not very complicated and knowing the principles and foundational movements, will help you to create a workout that is suitable for your current level, as well as providing you with the tools to improve your workout as your level of strength and fitness improves.

The Pilates Fitness course will teach you how to perform or even teach Pilates. The course teaches students the basics of Pilates, how the Pilates exercises were created and the history behind this form of fitness. It teaches techniques to help students and teachers create better and smarter Pilates workouts to ensure all of your fitness goals are achieved.

Pilates Training, Posture and Weight Loss

Pilates focuses on core strength which includes strengthening the abdominal muscles. This allows for improved posture. A long elegant posture and good balance can help to make a woman look and feel more graceful. The core strength created by Pilates allows students to naturally pull in the stomach which in turn makes a person appear thinner and more toned. Proper posture also helps in the prevention of back pain.

The Real Pilates 7 Day Core Strength & Stamina Transformation course offers students a way to transform the body from the inside out. The course teaches students how to work out smarter. The course teaches students a new approach to exercise that will help to shape, strengthen and sculpt the body. The core program in this course is designed to exercise each large muscle group in the body. The course contains a new move for each day of the week with modifications for each move that allows you to grow and develop your own Pilates exercise routine. The course also teaches the theory and practice of the six foundational principles of Pilates.

Pilates and Lean Muscle Mass

Pilates encourages the development of lean muscle mass as well as building core strength and flexibility. The workouts provided by Pilates training are essentially strength training. Lean muscle mass helps you to burn calories faster by increasing the metabolism. An increased metabolism is of course very beneficial for weight loss. A strenuous Pilates workout can also cause you to burn calories so Pilates offers two ways to help the body burn fat faster.

The Anatomy of Fitness – Pilates course offers a rewarding fitness program that improves performance and overall fitness whilst building core strength and flexibility. The course includes a sequence of mat exercises to engage the back, arms, legs and core to improve fitness. The course describes the muscles used by each exercise as well as the correct form of the move and what to avoid. Keep track of you Pilates progress with the exercise diary provided by the course.

Pilates and Body Awareness

Pilates also helps to build body awareness. This awareness is also attributed to aiding weight loss. Body awareness has been shown to affect food choices and feeling better about yourself is often associated with making healthier choices. The core strength produced by Pilates supports the stomach, lateral abdominal muscles and back muscles to provide overall toning and body strength.

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Pilates Training is a Great Choice for Weight Loss

Since Pilates workout routines can be adjusted for size, weight and the student’s level, Pilates is one of the forms of exercise suitable for those who are suffering from obesity. Some of the Pilates exercises are in fact very similar to exercises prepared by physiotherapists. Patients suffering from obesity also tend to suffer from back and/or joint pain and Pilates has shown to help alleviate and prevent these ailments.

The Pilates – The Master Trainer Series contains over ten hours of Pilates training content. The course covers the fundamental principles of Pilates as well as covering what it means to be a good Pilates teacher and student. The course is aimed at both beginners and advanced Pilates practitioners and trainers and will allow anyone to become an extraordinary Pilates practitioner. The course teaches the correct breathing, alignment, form and integrates flowing movements with specific cues that will help you practice Pilates or teach others. The course also teaches you how to modify Pilates for those who are suffering from chronic back pain, scoliosis, and other ailments causing limited mobility. The course covers all of the main Pilates areas including: the Pilates barrel, the Pilates mat, the Pilates reformer and the Pilates Wunda chair workouts.