Picnic Supplies for Your Favorite Summer Outing!

picnic suppliesThere is no better summer activity than a nice, quaint little picnic outside.  Picture this: you are dressed in your best summer outfit; a flowing daffodil-print dress paired with white flats and a cream colored scarf to combat the breeze (if you are a woman), and a comfortable-fitted collared polo atop a pair of khaki cargo shorts (for the men).  You are sitting Indian-style on a beautiful white and red checked picnic blanket surrounded by two baskets filled with the most delicious and nostalgic finger food you could find.  There are crust-less ham and cheese finger sandwiches, pigs in a blanket, avocado dip, salsa, and multi-grain crackers.  You have fresh-squeezed lemonade to drink and cream puffs waiting for dessert.  What a better way to spend a summer afternoon.  If you are looking to mirror this activity, or are looking for a checklist to clarify your essential picnic supplies, we have just the list for you!  Have a seat and let’s go over the supplies you are going to need for your ideal picnic.  Just watch out for the ants!

For all your picnic supply needs, let’s start by going over two of the most popular summer picnics: a picnic with your summer sweetheart, and a family picnic.

Summer Sweetheart Picnic

  1. Grab Your Honey!
  2. Know what’s on the menu:  This will save you time while you are grocery shopping.  Know the ingredients you are going to need, and be sure to pick up some paper plates and plastic utensils if needed.
  3. Picnic Basket:  You will need a picnic basket to transport all your food and supplies in.  Pick up one that you think will fit all your necessities.  They might not have them at the market, but you can find them at any craft or gift store!
  4. Prepare your meal:  Before you head out to you spot, prepare your food.  Do not make anything too complicated since you are going to be outdoors and possibly sitting on the grass.  For instance, fondue might seem like an extremely romantic meal, but that could just turn out plan messy!
  5. Pack your furnishing:  Depending on where you going, you are going to want to be sitting nice and comfortably.  If you are going to the park for your picnic, pack a picnic blanket and a tarp just in case the grass is damp.  For the beach, a large beach blanket is ideal to keep the sand at bay.  Also, pack some folding chairs in case the tide gets too high!  Regardless of whether you are on the floor or in a chair, a cushion for your bottom is also always a nice thing to have on hand.
  6. Touch of love:  Since this is a romantic picnic, you might want to bring something to sweeten the mood a little bit, and we do not mean chocolate!  Pack some appropriate items for the place you are going, such as: flowers, an iPod for some sweet tunes, some candles (if safety permits), or some pillows to lie down and look at the stars.
  7. Be prepared!  Since you are out in nature, you never know what is going to happen.  As such, the best thing to do is to come prepared!  In your car or picnic basket, stick an umbrella and two sweaters just in case it gets rainy or chilly.  Sometimes summer weather can be temperamental!
  8. Suit up!  Remember that you will be outside, and even though this is a romantic picnic, you are going to still want to stay comfortable.  Choose an outfit that is cute, classy, and appropriate.  At the end of the day, no matter what you wear, your sweetheart is bound to cuddle up next to you!

Recap Romantic Picnic List

  • Picnic basket
  • Picnic blanket or folding chairs
  • Champagne flutes, wine glasses, or regular drinking glasses
  • Bottle opener (if needed)
  • Paper plates or dishes
  • Napkins
  • Utensils
  • Your favorite beverage
  • Cutting board and knife, if needed
  • Your prepared food items

Fun Optional Items:

  • Flowers or bouquet
  • Candles and matches (be safe!)
  • iPod pr mp3 player and headphones to share
  • Jacket or sweater

picnic suppliesFamily Picnic Fun!

Summer is all about family.  The kids are out of school, parents use their vacation days, and teachers can go wild.  So why not plan a family picnic?  They are a fun way to get everyone together, eat some delicious food, and spend some quality time outdoors.  It is a win-win!  Here are the essentials you will need for planning the perfect family picnic!

  1. Plan:  Since there are likely going to be more than two people attending this gathering, you will want to plan ahead accordingly.  You never want to be stuck with a delicious can of tuna and no can opener.
  2. Gather Your Food (did someone say freshly baked bread?):  Take some of your favorite family recipes and incorporate them into your picnic.  If there are children, make child-friendly snacks and dishes on hand, although generally everyone can enjoy some delicious finger sandwiches at a picnic.  For a family picnic, outdoor grilling is a fun way to incorporate some delicious hot dogs, hamburgers, and veggie kabobs for a yummy midday meal.
  3. Pack your comfort:  When you are outside, being comfortable is just as important as having good food.  Make sure you pack the necessary equipment to keep you and your family cozy.  If you are going to sit on the ground, make sure you have enough pillows or chairs for each bottom.  At the beach, have everyone bring individual blankets, or, have one big enough for your whole crew.  Do not forget some sweaters or umbrellas in case the weather acts up!
  4. Fun!  Bring some activities that you and your family can do before or after grubbing.  A game of Frisbee, beach volleyball, or soccer is a great way to get your heart pumping.  If you plan on being more relaxed, pack some board games or have everyone bring their book of choice.
  5. First Aid:  When there are children present, and especially if you will be playing games, you are going to want to keep a First Aid kit handy just in case any accidents might occur.  Also, pack some sun screen, bug spray, and lotion so that no one goes home bitten or burnt.

Recap Family Fun Picnic Checklist

  • Picnic basket or cooler
  • Picnic blanket or folding chairs
  • Plates
  • Cups
  • Napkins
  • Utensils
  • Paper towels
  • Trash bags
  • Bottle opener or corkscrew, if needed
  • Cutting board and knife, if needed
  • Various beverages for kids and adults: water, juice, soda, etc.
  • Your family’s favorite food items
  • Necessary items for some outdoor activities: board games, Frisbees, soccer, books, etc.
  • Hats or visors
  • Sunscreen
  • Jackets or sweaters
  • Insect repellant
  • A camera to capture all of the fun and memorable moments!

A Few Tips Before You Go

Before you head off with your sun hat, here are a few last minute tips that we think you should keep in mind to make any of your picnic escapades successful:

  • Pack food covers.  It is summer, so there are likely to be a good deal of bugs and pests wandering about looking for food.  Food covers, plastic wrap, or foil will come in handy for leftovers or to save you meal for later in the day.
  • Once you choose where you will go for your picnic, make sure that you are allowed to eat there, barbeque, or do whatever else it is that you plan on doing there.  If possible, reserve the area.
  • Do not forget your sunglasses!
  • While you are planning your menu, check with any guests for food allergies or certain food restrictions.
  • Make sure you bring trash bags or throw your trash away in appropriate bins or areas.  If you are in a forest, keep in mind that there could potentially be wild animals in the area.
  • If you do see animals, do not feed them and do not let the children feed them.

Get Your Basket Ready!

Above all, your picnic should be a fun and enjoyable summer experience.  These checklists should help you cater to any of your picnicking needs, and can be applied to other picnic ventures as well.  Remember to check out Udemy.com for any other fun and healthy activities that you can participate in this summer!