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php basicsWhether you’re a senior web developer with years of experience in the industry, or just a hobbyist who likes to tinker with web design in your spare time, if you find yourself in need of presenting a database online to a front-end user, you will need a database content management system. The information stored in your database is typically in the format of MySQL, while PHP is the web-based side language that manipulates the data and allows a user with no programming knowledge easy access and complete control.

If you’re interested in the back-end programming side of things, visit this blog at Udemy and read up on the new SQL databases and how they function. If you’re new to web development but want to get started by learning PHP, check out this Learn PHP Programming for Beginners course. PHP is an excellent language for all web developers to learn, and is relatively simple to understand. Of course, if you’re looking to develop a PHP CRUD grid for your website, you’ll want to pick out software that helps makes the task as stress-free as possible.


Those who don’t have the time or inclination to learn the background of PHP programming and SQL coding can still present their database online in a user-friendly manner with the help of software like DaDaBIK. Without any knowledge of programming, a user can quickly and easily create PHP online database applications either through a visual interface configurator, or for those who are a little more advanced, a more sophisticated database application.

Because DaDaBIK is so user-friendly and comes with so many features (such as WordPress integration, CSV export, and the ability to upload files directly through the software), it makes for an ideal option for novices. However, even those with web development background may find it convenient as well, as it’s certain to shave a lot of time from the process of creating a PHP online database. Best of all, you can try out a free demo of DaDaBIK before you commit to paying the purchase price, giving you a chance to decide whether the software is the right fit for your needs on a risk-free basis.


This aptly named program is freely available and designed to make the creation of PHP databases a much quicker process for web developers. While it does require some background knowledge in PHP language and working with SQL databases, users will be able to create an online database application much more quickly than if they chose to tackle it without the help of software. Featuring a minimalist design intended to help programmers quickly get what they need out of the software without having to take time to figure it out, PHP CRUD is easy to use and allows for unlimited record sizes, so large projects are much easier to manage.

It also features support for PHP Array indexing and has cross-platform compatibility, so no matter what type of operating system the programmer or front-end user is working with, PHP CRUD performs in a neutral, efficient manner. If a free program like PHP CRUD sounds like a good fit for you but you aren’t comfortable with your level of knowledge in PHP and MySQL, don’t back away from the challenge of learning. Enroll in a course at Udemy today that can help you quickly learn and even master PHP & MySQL.


AppGini is a unique type of PHP CRUD software in that it functions as a scaffolding utility, which takes an SQL dump of your MySQL table structure and turns it into a CRUD application written in PHP. AppGini takes that concept and builds on it, ensuring it’s not just another basic CRUD generator. It also boasts a number of other built-in features to significantly cut into your development time, freeing you up to work on other projects and increase your productivity.

AppGini’s notable extra features include the ability to search quickly (and with up to 12 advanced search filters) without having to browse all your tables sequentially, link tables together, set fields in your table as images, assign controlled permission to various users, upload files through the software interface, and format your data in many possible ways. In short, AppGini is a versatile, powerful program that provides a great value for advanced users. It may require a small learning curve to master, but an extensive online help file exists to assist users with overcoming any initial confusion that may come up.


Another software programmed designed to assist users without any knowledge of coding, SQLMaestro allows you to quickly build a website from your database. SQLMaestro understands not everyone that wants to put a database online has a background in web development, so it provides professionally designed page templates, automatic RSS feed generation to help build an audience, and the ability to export data to PDF, XML, and CSV formats as well as to Excel and Word.

Like many PHP CRUD programs that are designed to make the back-end work as easy as it is for front-end users, SQLMaestro does require purchasing to unlock all the features, but there is a freeware version available for those who don’t need much aside from the basic benefits. Furthermore, you can try SQLMaestro risk-free for 30 days and see if the extra features are worth paying for. For those without a background in SQL and PHP programming, SQLMaestro is a great way to go.

If you’re interested in taking the time to learn more about SQL and how it works, check out A Beginner’s Guide to SQL at Udemy. If you want to take your programming skills even further and make a career out of web development, don’t trick yourself into thinking such a career would be too good to be true. Learn the skills you need to become a certified web developer at Udemy today and help yourself land the job of your dreams.

Page Last Updated: May 2014

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