photoshop text tutorialsPhotoshop isn’t only for touching up photographs or manipulating images. It’s also a great tool for making signs, banners, and text ads. If you’re new to image manipulation, taking a Photoshop text tutorial can help you get the most out of this innovative tool.

Why Take a Photoshop Text Tutorial

If you’ve ever taken a course in Photoshop 101, or you’ve just played around with the program a little, you’re probably familiar with the fact that there is a text tool as part of the software. Used by itself, this tool will let you add words to any picture or image. And while this is extremely useful, it’s not all that Photoshop can do with text.

By familiarizing yourself with a Photoshop text tutorial, you’ll learn more of what Photoshop can do with text, including:


And while you may think that you’ll rarely use the text options in Photoshop, preferring only to manipulate images, learning to make the most out of the text tool can help you do things like:

Sample Photoshop Text Tutorial for Beginners

The best way to learn how to utilize all the ways that text can be used in Photoshop, is through taking a course in advanced Photoshop techniques. If you’re interested in getting started and learning just the basics of what text in Photoshop can be like, take a look at some of these ideas.

Creating 3D Text

Have you ever seen text that appears to be floating up off of the page? This is a very easy Photoshop technique that you can apply to any font on any image. To create some 3D text of your own:

  1. Open up your Photoshop program and add text to your image.
  2. Select the layer that your text is on by choosing the arrow tool from your tool bar and clicking the text.
  3. Mouse up to the header bar in Photoshop and select “Layers”.
  4. Scroll down until you find the selection, “Layer Style”.
  5. Mouse over to “Style Settings” and select.

You will now be given a choice of options for what you can do to your text, including:

By selecting a drop shadow, the effect is to make the words lift slightly up off the page by having a shadow behind them. You can control the direction, size, and opacity of the shadow once you check the box. Every change you make can be previewed on the text before you select it, so you can ensure you like the way it looks.

By selecting glow, you add a light source to your text. This helps to bring attention to the words, and shapes them slightly. You can add a glow to the inside or outside of your letters, and this effect works best when it is combined with the bevel.

Beveling your letters gives them a 3-dimensional effect that has an architectural flavor. In other words, it makes your letters round up off the screen toward you. You can bevel them a little, or a lot depending upon the look you want. Combining a bevel with a slight glow above, and a dropped shadow below makes your words appear to be hovering over the image, lit from above.

Stroking your letters outlines them in the color of your choice. When you select stroke, your letters will automatically be outlined in a heavy line with the setting “3”. Change this number to change the size of the stroke. For example, a stroke of 1 will give you a very subtle outline, with a stroke of 5 will produce a very heavy outline that nearly obliterates the interior of the letters. You can change the color of the stroke in the color box located to the right of the size. Click the box to see your choice of colors for the outline.

Changing Your Letter Spacing

Sometimes manipulating the spacing of your letters in Photoshop is a fun way to create new effects. You can push letters closer together so they begin to merge into one another, stretch them far apart to fill a page, or push rows of letters on top of one another so one sentence sits right on top of the one below it.

To manipulate your letter spacing:

Open Photoshop and type your text onto your image or photo. Keeping the text tool selected, highlight your text.

At the bottom of the header you will now see options for manipulating your text. The first box for changing the spacing of your text will show two letter A’s, one on top of the other, with an arrow pointing up and down beside it. Next to this box will be the word “Auto”. This means that the spacing between sentences is automatic. Select this box to change the spacing up and down until you reach the desired height.

To the right of the height spacing box, are the color boxes, which allow you to change the color of the text’s interior and outline. To the right of those is a box that shows a letter with a curved arrow below it. This box allows you to change the orientation of your letters. If you want your letters to follow a curve, for example, select this box to change the shape of the sentence.

The box to the right of the curve allows you to manipulate how close together or far apart your letters will be. Check it to change the spacing.

Start Texting

Photoshop text tutorials will have you changing the way you look at text in your photos and images forever more. Learn more by taking an advanced Photoshop course, or a course for artists to learn more how you can change the text for yourself.

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