Photography Inspiration Is All Around You

onlinephotographycourses.jpgPhotography can provide a great venue for self-expression and creativity, but if you feel as though you are struggling, the following ideas may help you to discover new sources of inspiration.

In today’s digital world, even photography has now become computerized. If it feels as though you are struggling with a photographer’s version of writer’s block, you might find it helpful to play around with a photo-editing program, such as photoshop. Whether you have been using it for a while or you are new to it, there are probably still things you can learn. By taking the time to play around with it, you might just discover new potential for your photographs. If you’re looking for a Photoshop class to help you feel inspired, check out this course on the fundamentals of photo illustration.

Are you making the most of your equipment? There’s probably quite a bit that your camera can do that you don’t even know about. In fact, by reviewing the manual, you might discover a host of functions and settings that can breathe new life into your photos.

Take a stroll around town. Getting a breath of fresh air could be all it takes to obtain much-needed photography inspiration. Consider visiting sites that you have either never visited or that you haven’t visited for a long time. The local park is a great place to do some people watching. Stroll around the local flea market. Such markets are often a treasure trove for shapes, colors, and inspiration. The same can also be said for your local farmer’s market. If you are looking for a vibrant array of colors, few places compare. This course  on capturing life through better photography can help.

When the weather fails to cooperate, make plans to spend the day in and do a little research. Some of the best cinematographers in the world got their start right where you are today. Rent some classics and see where your inspiration takes you.

Looking to incorporate an action element into your photographs? Standing on the sidelines and watching sporting events can give you an entirely new perspective. From youth events to amateur games, there is always something new you can learn.

Sometimes all it takes to find new photography inspiration is to change your angle. The most common method for shooting is to do so with the object placed directly in front of the lens. While this is certainly a tried and true method, it can also be stale and uninteresting. Some of the most iconic images in history have been created when the photographer dared to break from tradition and change the angle. Don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit. Consider lying on the floor and shooting directly above you or even positioning yourself above your subject and shooting directly downward. Changing the angle of your photographs can often pick up subtle nuances that simply are not possible with a straight-on shot.

Changing the time of day that you shoot can also breathe new life into your photos. If you find yourself falling into a predictable pattern, it is even more important than ever to break away from old habits. Not only can the difference in light make a tremendous impact on your photos, but changing the time of day when you shoot can also provide you with a new perspective and inspiration. Interested in learning how to take better shots at night? This course on night photography can show you how.

Spend some time learning from others. Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of the online world today is the ability to share and learn from others around the world. With the wealth of photography-related websites today, there is no end to what you can learn. So, spend some time reading photography-related blogs. Browse through Flickr images. Not only can you locate awe-inspiring photographs, but you can also often learn how the photographer came up with the inspiration for those fabulous shots. It’s a great way to learn how to think out the box and expand your own creativity.

While much can be said about the benefits of sharing online, networking in person with others who share your passion for photography is also essential. If you do not already have contacts in the industry, spend some time cultivating relationships with other photographers. All photographers have their own unique personalities. Some are loners. Others enjoy working in a group setting. Even if you fall into the loner category, you can gain much from the discussions and feedback you can receive by interacting with other photographers. A great way to meet other photographers is to join a photography organization. This is particularly important if you are a professional photographer, but it can also be beneficial for amateurs.

Taking a class on becoming a better photographer is another great way to find photography inspiration. Whether you have been snapping photos for a few months or a few years, a class can help you learn something new. Along with taking photography classes, you might consider taking any other type of class that could expose you to new images that just might serve as future inspiration. For instance, taking a cooking class or a painting class. You never know where your new skills might lead you.

Exploring the world around you is a great way to find new photography inspiration. By opening up your mind to new possibilities, you may just find that you are able to shoot something extraordinary.