Photography for Beginners: Quick tips for getting started

photography for beginnersSo you have your first DSLR? You are eager to go out into the world and begin documenting everything you can from behind the view finder of your camera. In the height of your excitement you begin taking photos, but there is one problem. They aren’t very good. There is hope for you yet! Being a photographer is much more than simply owning a camera. It’s an art that must be practiced and mastered.

It is not automatic

Photography isn’t something that the average person automatically does well. So, naturally, the first thing you should do is take your settings off of auto. While auto seems convenient, it can be quite restricting.

Ditch Auto – Start Shooting in Manual!

Read the manual before you shoot in manual

One of your best resources for learning about the manual mode of your camera is the literature provided with it. Take a moment to learn what ISO, aperture, and shutter speed are and how to adjust them on your specific camera. While these are certainly not the only settings that can be adjusted, those three settings work in harmony with each other and will help you transition into the more detailed settings. Online classes such as Digital Photography: Shooting in Manual can take you through and beyond the basics.

It’s mostly about the lens

A lot of the freedom in photography is provided by the lens. Macro, wide angle, and telephoto are a few you can explore to expand your photo taking capabilities. The options are vast, but start by reading about what you have. Once you’ve become acquainted with what you own, you will likely want to branch out.

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Highs and lows

Photography is not a static activity. It requires movement and doing things in public that may feel awkward sometimes, like lying on the ground or standing on a chair. While you should never do anything that could cause harm to you, others, or anyone’s property, you should try shooting from many different angles. You will find yourself taking more dynamic shots when you step outside of the often impulsive front and center position. 

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Perfecting your photos

The tools within Photoshop are numerous, and can help doctor or enhance nearly any picture. Even the best photos sometimes need a little editing. Whether there’s a random bystander in the background of your photo, a blemish you want to hide, or the photo is underexposed, you will be thankful that you took the time to invest in and learn how to use Photoshop. This free course contains 15.5 hours of Photoshop Training.

The best camera is the one you have with you

If you are really serious about taking great photos, never stop taking them. Try keeping your camera with you as much as possible so you can continuously hone your skills. However, there is some intrinsic value in taking photos with your camera phone or a simple point-and-shoot camera. If you find yourself without your DSLR, challenge yourself to get some great shots with what you do have.

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Have fun using your camera and you will see your skills evolve in no time.