photography coursesFrom understanding the basics of exposure to learning the secrets of composition, it takes a lot to become a great photographer. Thankfully, the skill of photography can easily be learned online using instructional photography courses.

In this blog post, we’ll share six photography courses that will transform you from absolute beginner to an experienced photographer with an understanding of black and white photography, long exposure photography and many other techniques.

Ready to start? Before you continue, you’ll need to learn the basics of operating a digital SLR camera. Learn how to configure your camera for the perfect exposure and much more in our EasyDSLR Digital Photography Course for Beginners.

The Fundamentals of Photography

Top 10 DSLR CamerasWhile knowing how to adjust your camera’s aperture, shutter speed and ISO for the perfect exposure will help you take better photos, it’s far from all that’s required to become a skilled DSLR photographer.

The Fundamentals of Photography goes above and beyond the skills taught in our basic DSLR course to make you a more well-rounded photographer. You’ll learn a variety of new photography skills like depth of field, composition and lighting.

Being able to compose a photography and position the different elements within your frame will give your photos a new edge and distinct look. From portraits to landscape photographs, composition is vital for becoming a master photographer.

The Art of Black and White Photography

photography coursesMany amateur photographers make the mistake of thinking that photography is all about color. They crank up the contrast and saturation settings in the editing room, all to make an otherwise unremarkable photograph ‘pop’ out of the frame.

Photography isn’t about color – it’s about light. In order for a  color photograph to truly look great, it needs to also look intriguing and dynamic as a black and white photograph.

Learning how to shoot and edit black and white photographs will make you a more talented, well-rounded photographer. Learn how to shoot and edit your photos in black and white with our course, The Art of Black and White Photography.

iPhone Photography Secrets

how to make apps for iosThere’s a popular saying among professional photographers: “The best camera is the one that’s with you.” Learning how to shoot great photos using your smartphone will make you a better photographer, no matter how ‘simple’ a tool it might be.

Although your iPhone lacks the exposure controls and manual zoom of a digital SLR camera, it’s still a powerful piece of technology. The iPhone camera has a great built-in HDR mode in addition to some exposure control provided via third-party apps.

In addition, it’s still subject to the basic rules of composition. A great photo taken on a smartphone is still a great photo, even if it lacks the beautiful depth of field that a professional lens and high quality sensor can provide.

Learn how to take beautiful photographs using simple technology and a camera that you’ll always have in your pocket by mastering iPhone photography. Join our iPhone Photography Secrets course to learn more about taking stunning mobile photos.

Portrait Photography with Simple Gear

photography coursesEvery great photographer should be able to take beautiful portraits. Portrait photos range from traditional black and white personal pictures to bright, dynamic portrait photos for use in the business or publishing world.

Portrait photography has a reputation as being difficult to learn and very costly for photographers. Many people still think of huge lighting rigs, white backgrounds and massive reflectors when they hear the words ‘portrait photography’ mentioned.

The reality is that it’s very possible to take great portrait photos using a simple set of tools. All you need is a good DSLR camera, a natural light source and basic photo editing software like Photoshop or Lightroom.

This ‘bare bones’ toolset is all that’s required to take beautiful portraits. Of course, it’s also possible to enhance your photography by adding extra lights and reflectors to your studio, but these should be purchased after you build your portrait skillset.

Would you like to learn the art of portrait photography without spending thousands of dollars on equipment? Learn how to take stunning portrait photos with only basic photography equipment in Portrait Photography with Simple Gear.

The Art of Travel Photography

photography coursesThe perfect exposure and composition can make a photo beautiful, but they aren’t enough to make a photo truly inspiring. From remote Greek islands to the Tibetan Plateau, the perfect inspiring photo often requires the perfect inspiring location.

Learning the art of travel photography will let you put your photography skills to the test in diverse, interesting environments. From dense Tokyo to historic Paris, bustling cities and historical destinations are both great photography locations.

Whether your idea of the perfect vacation is relaxing on a tropical beach in Thailand or shopping in London, knowing how to take beautiful photos will make any trip you decide to take more enjoyable, and certainly more memorable.

Learn how to take beautiful photos of any travel destination – from New York City to the Australian Outback – that capture the moment and inspire great memories with  The Art of Travel Photography.

Long Exposure Photography

Interstate 35 Long Exposure 2/2From light trails on the highway to water flowing down a waterfall, long exposure photography lets you capture objects and elements in motion with ease. As well as being visually remarkable, it’s refreshingly easy to learn using just a basic DSLR.

Long exposure photography is the art of capturing a scene with a very slow shutter speed that lets in plenty of motion. It combines the movement of a movie with the stillness of a photo to produce a result that – although still – looks like it’s moving.

From night scenes to highway traffic, learning how to capture motion in a still photo will make you a much better photographer. Learn the basics of capturing movement with your DSLR camera in our Long Exposure Photography course.

Learn more about improving your photography

From sports photography to liquid photography, there are many more photographic techniques than those discussed in this guide. However, learning these six will make you a well-rounded photographer and build your practical photography skill set.

Would you like to learn more about taking great photos? Read our posts on choosing the right lens, taking inspiring photos on the street and fashion photography basics to expand your photography skillset and become a better photographer.

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