Peacock Eye Makeup: Look Like the Queen of the Flock!

Peacock Eye MakeupWho doesn’t love to look at peacocks?  They are some of the World’s most majestic and interesting looking creatures, and seeing one with their features spread will make you feel like you have won the lottery.  What a better way to make your eyes looking gorgeous and noticeable than with a peacock inspired eye makeup look?  This look can be pretty simple to achieve if you use all of your colors correctly.  For your convenience, we have an easy to follow step by step tutorial for you.  Get ready to ruffle some features with this gorgeous look, and in no time, you will be the queen of the flock!  Who said that male peacocks were the only ones who could rock this beautiful spread?

What You Will Need

Before we get into the look, let’s make sure you have all your tools handy.  Here are the things you will need to achieve this look:

  • A concealer and foundation to match your skin color
  • A compact or face powder of your choice
  • Eye shadow colors.  This will include: orange or bronze, blue shadow, green shadow, purple eye shadow, and a silver high lighter.  You can keep these colors reserved for eye shadows; however, in this look we use a green eye pencil instead of shadow.
  • Glitter stones.  These are optional.  Feel free to also use bindi stones if you wish.  A problem that many people have with these stones is that they will not stick properly, so also remember to pick up some body glue if you want to stick the stones near your eyes.
  • A black eye liner pencil.  Make sure that you pencil is well-sharpened.
  • Liquid Eye Liner
  • Mascara
  • An eyelash curler
  • A lash comb
  • Fake eyelashes.  If you want something a little more dramatic, feel free to pick up some fake lashes, and get some safe glue to help them stick properly.

Step by Step Application

To bring the beautiful peacock colors to your face, let’s get on to the application!

  1. Start off by washing your face to make sure your eyelids are clean.  You are going to be dressing them up with a lot of different colors, so make sure that your skin is clear of any oil, dirt, or other makeup.
  2. Begin by applying some primer to your eyelids.  This will help your peacock look stay on as long as you need it to!
  3. Now, apply some concealer or foundation to your lids and around your eye area.  This will help you get a consistent color and help cover up any blemishes or red marks that you might have around your eye area.
  4. Take your orange or bronze bronzer and apply that over your brow bones.  Blend it well and evenly.  You should eyes should look as yummy as an Orangiscle at this point!
  5. Now, take your green eye shadow and apply that to the lower half of the area under your brow bone.
  6. Take your silver highlighting pencil or your silver eye shadow and apply that to the inner corners of your lids.  This will make your eyes pop by highlighting the inner parts of your eyes.  Also, use the silver color to make a line in between where the orange and green colors meet on your lid.  This will create a nice trio of color!
  7. Get ready to go heavy on the blue!  Take your blue eye shadow and apply that to the entire portion of your eyelid and also along the under rim of your eye.  The blue that you use should be a brighter blue, and not so much on the darker side. The brightness of the blue will make the colors more vibrant and it will stand out a lot more than a dark blue color.
  8. It is now time to put some purple into the mix.  Take your purple eye shadow and carefully shadow it on the top side of your lid.  If you do not have a fine enough brush to do this with eye shadow, go ahead and get a purple eye shadow stick for easier and more detailed application.
  9. To make a more defined wing, take a black liquid liner a draw a double-winged lining on top of your lid.  This should really help bring out the different color layers of your look.  Make sure that you do this step before you add any other liner to your lid, or else the lines might end up meshing.
  10. Now take a regular black eye liner pencil and line the lower rim of your eye.  Things should be starting to feel more defined for you now!
  11. Here comes the fun part – we are going to have you incorporate some of your drawing skills into your new look!  First, make sure that the liquid liner that you applied in step 9 is completely dry.  You can check this by fluttering your lids and checking to see if the liner creases over your lids.  Remember, this step is optional!  Take a finely sharpened black eye liner pencil and draw about four water droplets along the crease of your lid.  Once you have your droplets, take your blue eye shadow and carefully fill in the droplets with blue coloring.  These drawings will be sure to give your peacock eyes a style edge the more traditional peacock eye makeup looks!
  12. Once you have that done, finish off your eye-pop with some mascara.  Take a black mascara wand and apply it to your upper and lower lashes.  Make sure that you make it dark enough, but not so much that you are left with clumps of mascara on your lashes.  Even if there are no clumps, go ahead and use a mascara brush to brush out your lashes for consistency.
  13. If you want to give your eyes some more pop, take out your eye lash curler and give your lashes a quick curl.
  14. If you choose to apply some jewels or stones to the sides of your eyes, apply them now in an upward fashion, as if you were creating a winged-look with them.
  15. All done!

Flaunt Your Eye Feathers!

This peacock eye makeup look is a fun and exciting way to add creativity and spice to your daily makeup routine.  Do not be shy about showing off your beautiful colors; you very well might have the most gorgeous feathers in the pride!