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MarcoRopke_photo1Pastry Chef Marco Ropke joined Udemy recently and has already joined the ranks as a Udemy Bestseller. I spoke with co-owner Kyle Nordman, who led the marketing efforts, to find out why they chose Udemy as the place to publish courses and how they got so many students into his course during the first seven days.

Why Udemy?

When we decided to produce an online course for Marco, we considered building our own platform and looked into various Learning Management Systems. We ultimately decided to host our courses on Udemy because we didn’t have to deal with servers, customer support, and other things you have to account for when running your own learning platform.

How long did it take you to produce the course?  

It entailed about 2 months of planning and 2.5 months of filming. We would shoot for a few hours once per week and send the footage to our Editor. When we finished, we published a little over 10 hours of course content. [Editor’s Note: The course is really well-done. It includes HD video, two  different camera angles,  Marco is active in the Q&A section within the course, and he offers live sessions with students through Udemy’s Live Sessions tool.

How did you become a Udemy Bestseller? 

We’ve been building an email list over at PastryTraining.com for about 5 months.

  1. Once the course launched, we emailed everyone on the list with a 72-hour offer to enroll into the course at a discount.
  2. We sent a follow-up email to the people who didn’t open our first email to increase our open rates.
  3. Also, Marco owns and teaches at a Pastry Training school in Vancouver, so we emailed a segment of our past students to tell them about the offer.
  4. [Editor’s note: Pro Tip: Send a “24-Hour Reminder” email 24 hours prior to the coupon expiring.]




If you visit the Pastry Training site, you’ll see that it’s optimized to incentivize visitors to get on the email list and after you opt-in you receive a 50% off coupon for Marco Ropke’s Pastry Training course.

Do you have a website or blog? Are you maximizing it as an opportunity to convert website visitors into students?


Page Last Updated: February 2020

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