palmistry money linePalmistry, or palm reading, is the ancient practice of using the palm of one’s hands to indicate aspects of the owner’s character, as well as to tell their future. This ancient act of soothsaying can be traced back to Eurasia, with roots in India, China, Tibet, and Sumeria, among others, and is still popular today the world over. Among the things that palm reading can inform you about are your health, your emotions, and your financial fate, which is what we will be discussing today.

If you’re curious to learn more about another otherworldly pseudoscience, this article on tarot and its cards will explain the meanings behind tarot, and this course on learning to do tarot for profit can show you how to make a buck reading people’s cards.

How the Money Line Works

There are four main lines used in palmistry, and they are the heart line, head line, fate line, and life line. The money line itself isn’t one of these four major lines, but it may interact with them, indicating an influence from one of these factors. There isn’t one money line that all people have, but several lines that may potentially exist, each indicating different aspects of your potential wealth (or lack thereof) depending on location. The specifics of the information provided by the lines, such as how much money you’re going to have, or how long it will last, are not influenced by the length of these lines, but rather they focus more on how you will accumulate this money, how you’ll spend it, and how it will affect other aspects of your future. If it looks like you’re going to have some cheddar coming in, this course on practical money management will help you keep it, no matter what your palm says.

Some of the lines associated with money start at the base of the thumb, in the “meatier” part of the palm, and some of you, like myself, might have your money line in a totally different part of the palm. This doesn’t mean anything bad, just that our destinies hold something else for us.

  1. The first money line starts, like we just mentioned, at the base of your thumb and extends to the bottom of the index finger, ending in a star. This type of money line indicates that you have a natural talent for making money.
  2. If the line starts at the base of the thumb and goes all the way over to your pinkie, it means you will acquire wealth through some sort of inheritance, or other family related windfall.
  3. A line that starts at the base of the thumb and goes to the middle finger means that your future fortunes will be made through your business dealings. If you wanna get this business started, consider passive income, and this course on “lazy money” will tell you all about it.
  4. The final type of money line isn’t located on the base of the thumb, but on the other side of the palm, and includes both the head line and the fame line. The head line is the horizontal line that goes across the middle of the palm, and the fame line is the one that extends vertically from the bottom of the palm, up to either the middle or ring finger. This last money line starts at the head line, runs up to the ring finger, and in the process, cuts through the fame line. Having this type of money line indicates that your future financial luck will be gained through luck and surprise.

While the money lines don’t offer much in the way of details, if you’re curious to know more about your future wealth, you can consult the fame, health, and fate lines for more information regarding the factors that may end up influencing your future prosperity.

A Note on the Thumb

In addition to these four lines, the the thumb also plays a role in palmistry. It’s angle when extended from the hand, as well as how it’s bent, and different lines on it, give further indications to your finances, including who will help you earn it, and how it will be spent.

Using the heavens to predict your future can be a fun diversion, and they can tell you about many different aspects of your life, with money being on the top of many people’s list. These four basic money lines will tell you some simple stuff about your future financial prosperity, but you’ll need to consult some other parts of the palm for more depth. If you’re a bit more pragmatic about your life, this course on creating the life you desire eschews spiritual intervention and gives you control.

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