Palmistry Love Line: How Will Your Love Life Pan Out?

palmistry love linePalmistry, also known as palm reading, is an ancient practice that allows a reader, by simply looking at the lines and mounds of the palm, to not only look into the character and personality of the person being read, but also to foretell any future occurrences regarding money matters, the influence of fate, and our topic today, love. The love line is sometimes referred to as the heart line, or the mensal line, and runs horizontally across the hand. It not only can tell about present and future relationships, but also how healthy the heart will be down the line. If you’re curious about other methods of predicting the future, this course on fortune telling will show you how to see ahead by using cards, as will this article on tarot card spreads.

Love in the Palm of Your Hand

The love line is one of the four main lines in palmistry, with the other three being the fate line, head line, and the life line. Some of the lines in palmistry are difficult to find, with some of them not even existing in some palms, but the love line is plain as day – there are two horizontal lines that run across the middle of the palm, and the top one is the love line. There are many things that can influence the message of this line, including size, markings, and whether or not other lines intersect it. Below, we will explain the various characteristics of this line, and explain what they mean, and you’ll be able to see how your or your friends’ love lives will play out. If you’re lacking love in your live, but need to handle your business first, this course on sorting out your love baggage will show you how to take care of you before finding that special someone.

  • Positioning

Let’s start by looking at where your love line is located and what that means. The love line may begin under the index finger, or under the middle finger. If yours begins under your index finger, it means that you’re satisfied with your romantic life, or perhaps you’re picky, but if it begins under the middle finger, you may be more self-centered when it comes to love. If the line begins in between the two fingers, then swoops down, you may be a bit eager to give your love away. A crossing of the love line and the fate line may mean that there is a loss of a relationship in your future. If you happen to be experiencing this loss of love, this course on getting over a breakup in 30 days might help you get over your grief.

  • Shape

If your love line is short, and doesn’t extend fully across your palm, this is an indication that you’re not interested in love in the slightest bit. If the line is long, and curves upwards, then you freely give a lot of yourself when it comes to romantic matters, and that you have a warm and caring disposition.

  • Breaks

Breaks in your love line indicate periods of emotional loss or turbulence, and there may be just one, or perhaps several. If there’s a particularly drastic break in the line, it could indicate that a sudden and unexpected future loss of a loved one will befall you at some point. You may think that if your love line is intact, with no other lines cutting across that that’s a good sign, but you’d be wrong, because that means a split from a loved one is imminent.

  • Segments

The love line can be broken down into three separate segments, each representing a different part of your romantic life. The first segment, closest to the index finger, represents youth. The second segment, between the middle and ring fingers, represents adulthood. Finally, the section between your pinky and the edge of your palm represents old age. The palm reader will take these divisions into consideration, then give you a reading based on each section

While it may seem like harmless fun to get a palm reading, if you’re in a new relationship, or one that you’re unsure of, hearing something negative about it could be a bit unnerving – on the other hand, it could give you the confidence to end something that needs to be ended. If palmistry is something you truly believe in, be ready for some potentially bad news. For those of you that are single, and want to find someone new, this course on the secrets of true love will give you advice for finding a new squeeze.