Palm Reading Marriage Line: A Glimpse at Happily Ever After

palm reading marriage lineAnyone would jump at the chance to know more about themselves, especially when it comes to love. Imagine going to a fortune-teller. You’re in a smoky, candle-lit room with a shawl-covered lady seated behind a crystal ball. What’d you pay $5 and half an hour inhaling incense to find out?

While the practical ones out there would probably ask for the winning numbers to the lottery, one of the most common questions asked is actually “Who will I end up marrying?”

Now, there’s nothing wrong with asking such a clichéd question. Who doesn’t want to know who they’ll spend the rest of their lives with? We all want to hear if we end up tying the knot with the one we love. Sinatra himself sang, “Love and marriage, it’s an institute you can’t disparage!”

In palm reading, otherwise known as palmistry, the marriage line is one of the trickiest to interpret, and often the most misunderstood. They’re considered minor lines because they’re not that easy to spot. These markings are located right under the pinky finger, with each horizontal line showing strong emotional experiences.

You can turn your palm to the side and maybe use a flashlight to see them. If the line is deep, traditional palmists say this is a strong marriage opportunity. The closer the line is to the pinky finger, the older you are when that emotional experience will happen.

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How to Read It

For a beginner, there are a few relatively simple things to remember, making palm reading a neat party trick. Marriage lines going up signify happy experiences, lines that curve down the opposite – just like happy and frowny faces. You can tell whether there’ll be kids from that marriage, too. Children born into the marriage are represented by the vertical lines that meet the marriage line. The old-school reading is that boys are the deeper lines and girls are the weaker ones. Who would’ve thought that your palm lines could tell you about your future kids?

Using both hands, there’s a curious little way to tell how a marriage will work out through their furrows and ridges. As you line up your pinky and “heart line” (this is the major line that runs along the top of your palm), check which marriage lines match, too. If the marking ends up stronger on the passive hand (not your dominant hand), your partner will love you more. If it’s reversed, then you’ll be the “Reacher”, and he’ll be the “Settler”, to borrow from one of TVs most popular series, “How I Met Your Mother”.

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What It Really Means

Before you use the marriage lines of your partner as a basis for any decision, though, it’s important to remember this. One of the reasons people get the wrong idea with marriages is because they forget that they’re simply opportunities. As with anything in our lives, nothing is set in stone.

Again, these lines show strong emotional experiences, and these aren’t always romantic. Breakthroughs in your career, loved ones surviving a great illness, a dear pet passing away – all of these could be what another marriage line signifies. Don’t go off beating your partner with a stick based on his numerous marriage lines, because it doesn’t mean he was married before he met you. As they are very faint lines, remember that it’s very easy misread them!

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What Does Your Future Hold?

Palmistry isn’t supported by empirical evidence, and it’s just pure personal belief. Not everyone who claims to read palms can really do so, either. As such, this practice invites a load of skepticism from pragmatists.

Your readings, whether bad or good, should only serve to encourage your imagination. Your life may be read in your hands, but the actions you take decide it as well. Still, the phrase “your future is in your hands” now has so much more meaning! And to turn your new found skills into a career as a psychic, check out this awesome course.