Gmail outlook settingsIf you are like most people, you have a variety of email accounts. You have your professional or business email account for work; you have at least one personal email account for friends and family; you even have a Gmail account for software downloads or other purposes. Keeping track of your accounts and their passwords can turn into a real nightmare. Luckily, if you set up your mail via Outlook immediately then you don’t have to remember all of those passwords because Outlook remembers them for you. You can manage emails, time and manage contacts using Microsoft Outlook.

Outlook is the premier application for keeping track of your mail, calendar, and schedule as well as keeping the details of all of your contacts. The new release of Outlook promises to be even more popular with the new services it offers, like online video conferencing and the other cloud services it offers. To learn about the new Outlook 2013, sign up to Learn Microsoft Outlook 2013 from Udemy.

So as long as you save your passwords in Outlook as soon as you set up a new mail account all is well, until of course you need to change your version of Outlook for some reason, or until you need to reinstall the application. Stored passwords appear as asterisks to ensure your passwords are stored securely:

The problem is, when you need to access them you can’t see what the password is and there is no option in Outlook to reveal the stored password. You can, of course, count how many asterisks there are and try to remember your password like that. Not the most scientific approach but depending on how you choose your passwords in the first place, it may be a solution.

The other solution is to contact your service provider. Most service providers offer a password reset option. If you service provider offers this option online, then you can ask for a new password and update your Outlook password settings accordingly.

However, if you can’t ask for the password to be reset, and you can’t guess what your password could have been, then it’s time to consider some dire measures – dire because you will be using software to hack into your Outlook application to reveal the passwords for your various email accounts.

There are numerous programs that you can use to recover your Outlook password. The first application we are going to use is called  “Mail PassView”.

How to use Mail PassView to recover your password

This application is one of the simplest password recovery applications to download and use. To use the application you need to download it first.  You can download the software by searching for it using Google, or you can try the following download link:

Once you have downloaded the MailPass View application you need to install it on your PC or laptop. To install MailPass View, click the .exe file and then choose run. The following screen will appear:

 Choose Next to install.

 Choose the folder you want the program to be installed into. The default folder is C:\Program Files\NirSoft\Mail PassView but you can choose another destination folder for your program. Once the program has been successfully installed, you need to click Finish to complete the installation.

Now you can run the application to gain access to the mail passwords stored on your PC or laptop.

When you run the application you will see the following screen:

The application shows you who the administrator for that particular email account is. It also shows you what application the email account in on. It shows you the email address associated with the account, and it shows you the type of connection for that account for example POP3 or SMTP. The program shows you the username and password for each of your accounts as well. Finally, the program also gives you an indication of the password strength so MailPass View is a really handy tool to be able to access your password information.

The other advantage of MailPass View is that it works on most email applications. It works for information stored in Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Hotmail and Gmail.

MailPass View is not the only password recovery option. You can also try Outlook Password Decryptor. Outlook Password Decryptor is an application specifically designed to access passwords on Outlook. It does not have the functionality of MailPass View.

How to use Outlook Password Decryptor to recover your Outlook password

You can download the application from or search for the application on Google and download it from your favorite application host like Cnet.

To install the software, you need to extract the program files and then run the .exe file.


During the installation you will be given the option to install RegClean Pro. You do not have to install this software. So you can choose to install it by clicking agree or you can decline the offer.

Once the software has been installed, you need to select the start recovery option to recover your saved passwords from Outlook:

The following screen will appear:

You can now see your email addresses with their respective usernames and passwords.

The Outlook Password Decryptor also allows you to export your passwords to save the list in either XML or HTML format.

Please note that whether you have chosen MailPass View or Outlook Password Decryptor, these software applications actually work by hacking into your copy of Outlook. While hacking into your own account is completely legal and allowed, using software to hack into information that does not belong to you can be illegal under certain circumstances.

Outlook is a powerful application that is more than just a mail program. To learn to harness the power of outlook sign up to for the Outlook 2007 Advanced course or sign up to Learn Microsoft Outlook 2010 today.

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