5 Outdoor Activities for Kids

Outdoor Activities for KidsChildren are active, and adults don’t always have the energy to keep up with them. If your little one loves playing outside, you might be looking for some great outdoor activities that occupy his or her attention.

Here are five different activities for children of all ages. Why not give these a try and see what your little one enjoys?

Family Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love to seek and find things? Best of all, this game can be played inside or outside. So, if it’s a rainy day, and your little one is driving you crazy, you can still have them do a fun activity. There are several different ways to set up this scavenger hunt depending on the age of your child (or children), how adventurous they are, and how much time you have to set up. If your little ones are younger, perhaps preschool age, you can turn it into a learning experience with an Alphabet Hunt. They’ll have to find an item for each letter of the alphabet, and you’ll have a new, creative way to teach your little one their letters. You can even use specific items to help develop their motor skills using this online course.

If your little one is already old enough to read and you’re on a long car trip, you might want to try a Word Hunt. Have prepared lists of words in their age group (or even their school spelling list) that they have to find from billboards and signs they pass. If you’re out at the park and don’t have a written list prepared, you can come up with one off the top of your head by telling them to look for something of specific colors or textures. This is another great one for preschool age and kindergarten. If you want to make your scavenger hunt a little more adventurous, you can create pirate treasure maps and hide specific items in little treasure chests. It’s a great idea for a child’s birthday party too!

Grow an Herb Garden

Gardening is a relaxing activity, and it’s something dirty that might just interest your little ones. If you cook with different herbs at home, you should definitely consider growing an herb garden, and you can teach your little ones to cook too using this great online course. Growing an herb garden can be inexpensive, and it’s very green too. Use the bottoms of plastic 2-liter bottles or 1-gallon bottles to create pots instead of purchasing pots. If you don’t feel like waiting for seeds to grow, you can usually find herb plants with roots attached at your local grocery store. Then just buy some potting soil, and use Popsicle sticks from your little one’s frozen treats to create labels. If you have little ones that don’t want to play in the dirt and plant things, you can have them create beautiful signs with those Popsicle sticks.


If you’re working on fitness goals this year, you might be finding it difficult to fit in your exercise with the little ones always running about. Why not include them in your goals, and take it outside? Just take your music player or a radio outside, put on some kid-friendly music, and you and the kids can dance. If you don’t feel up to dancing, you can do simple exercises in a repeated sequence that will be enough of a dance for the sake of this activity. If you need something just a little more to add to this activity, you can try hoop dancing. Not only will it be fun for you and the kids, but you’ll all get fit and healthy. Plus, it never hurts to include a toy like hula hoops that your children likely already own.


You don’t need cows, pigs, or a lot of land for this activity. Just grab an old bucket or a plastic butter tub, and head outside into nature. Fill the bucket or tub about halfway with dirt, add some bug-friendly food (lettuce or weeds for snails or dry dog food for worms), and find whatever little creepy crawlies live in your area – snails or worms. Grab as many as you can. Once you have enough little guys for your farm, seal the top with plastic wrap that has small holes punched in it. Keep the dirt moist for the worms, but don’t drown them. Be sure to keep salt far away from the snails. Feed them when they need it, and after watching them for a few days, you can release them back to their natural habitat. This activity can be repeated over and over again. If your area has frogs, you can even try catching those.

Create a Business

If you’re looking something to fill up vacation time when the kids are out of school, you might want to create something a little larger to occupy their time. Plus, running a small business will teach them skills they’ll need for their future like the value of money, profit, and wise spending. Some of the best businesses for kids to run on hot days outside are a car washing business or a lemonade stand. First, be sure to check your city’s laws to make certain there won’t be any trouble. Don’t forget to teach them the math skills they’ll need for counting change and tracking profit. You can take an online course to help you teach them these useful math skills. Then help your children gather their supplies.

Obviously, for a car washing business they’re going to need sponges, soap, buckets, and someplace to store their money. You might want to host a neighborhood barbecue or something, and be sure to mention your little one’s business. Help your kids set a price per car, and offer the business to attendees while they’re at the party. A lemonade stand will require a bit more work because you’ll need to help them make the lemonade and find a good location. If you live in a quiet part of town, they’re not going to drum up much business. Once your kids have their set-up, help them set their price. This is a great activity to be done at a local park provided the city permits it. Your kids will have a great time earning some money that they can then spend or save as they choose.

What Ideas Do You Have to Share?

If you have great outdoor activities for kids, don’t be afraid to share them with your fellow readers! Just post a comment below so everyone will have more than five ideas available to them!