Orientation Day

We’re excited to launch the academy of u! The academy of u is Udemy’s education-focused blog. You can expect many interviews and posts about education-related issues and how technology can revolutionize education.

Udemy (“the academy of you”) is a online service that allows anyone to publish their own education content. Just as youtube changed video uploading, Udemy is revolutionizing the way educational content can be spread across the web. For more information, see Udemy’s main website as well as the courses we have so far.

This blog is designed to spread information about the role of technology in revolutionizing education. Currently, technology is on the cusp of revolutionizing education. Services like udemy academic are allowing open access to university courses; 150 million dollars were spent on open courses last decade. Online education is edging out traditional methods as well. We will have many interviews and other posts to demonstrate this.

Check back later for more information relating to education and tech. To see Udemy proper, go to the main website.