opencart vs magentoAre you looking for the perfect ecommerce solution for your startup or small business? Look no further than Opencart or Magento. These powerful ecommerce solutions offer all you could possibly wish for in an ecommerce solution and more. We will take a look at these two solutions to help you decide which solution is best for your business. If you want to learn how to set up an ecommerce store from scratch using Magento, then join thousands of students and Learn the basics of how to Setup an Ecommerce Store now.

We will compare Opencart and Magento using the following categories to help you compare the two to select the best ecommerce platform for your store:

·         Pricing and Hosting

·         Installation & Setup

·         Features

Opencart vs Magento Pricing & Hosting

Nothing beats free, right? Well technically, Opencart is a free ecommerce solution whilst Magento comes at a price, so technically Opencart wins this category hands down. There are however other costs to take into consideration before you close the book on this category. The Magento Go option offers a free hosting solution for your shopping cart whereas Opencart requires you to host your ecommerce store. If you already have a website then Opencart may the right ecommerce solution for you, based solely on price.

One more consideration that you should take into account under the price comparison however, is how much it will cost you to migrate your cart at a later stage if and when your business grows. Magento offers a free 30 day trial and thereafter offers a number of different pricing options depending on the number of products you have and the storage you require. For companies who are selling less than 100 products, Magento costs $15 a month. For companies offering between 100 and 500 products, Magento costs $25 per month. Magento is also designed to grow with your business offering better features than Opencart, so you have to decide which option suits your short and long term goals best.

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Opencart vs Magento Installation and Setup

When comparing installation of Magento versus Opencart, there are a number of considerations to take into account. With regards to Magento, installation depends on whether you are taking advantage of the hosted Magento version of the product or whether you are installing the stand-alone version. If you have chosen the stand-alone version, then your installation also depends on your hosting service. Some web host servers like HostGator, allow one click installation which makes the installation process a lot easier. Some hosting companies like GoDaddy do not recommend the installation of Magento. The same can be said for Opencart, so it is important to check your hosting service to see which platforms are supported and which platforms would suit you best.

As for installation itself, both solutions are fairly easy to install. Magento is slightly more complicated to set up based on the additional features that the solution offers.

If you have chosen Magento, check out the Magento from scratch – Open your first Shop Online – step by step course and join hundreds of students who are learning to set up their ecommerce stores from scratch. This course contains twenty-nine videos and tutorials to teach you how to open your eCommerce site. The course will teach you what Magento is and how to download and install the platform. It will show you how to navigate using the Magento dashboard. It will take you step-by-step through the steps required to set up your store. It will teach you how to add products and how to add categories to your store for easy navigation. The course then covers payment methods and options and will teach you how to set up the Paypal payment option as well as Google Checkout and You will learn to add pages to your store and how to change page layouts. You will learn to use themes and customize your design and you will then learn how to manage the customer database, how to work in maintenance mode and how to manage users and permission.

Opencart vs Magento Features

When it comes to features offered by Magento vs Opencart, then Magento has to be proclaimed the outright winner. This is part of the reason why Magento in 2013 claimed over 29% of the market in terms of eCommerce platforms, versus 3% for Opencart.

Magento offers lots of features that allow for the customization of your eCommerce store in terms of design and layout, whereas Opencart is fairly limited. Magento allows almost complete control of SEO settings for your store. Magento offers search friendly SEO optimized URL’s and Magento offers tagging options for products to allow even better SEO options. The SEO options offered by Opencart are extremely limited. Magento also offers users the ability to access and maintain order history and product comparison. It offers smart customer accounts and recently viewed products to allow you to benefit from more sales from your store. The inventory system offered by Magento is far better than the systems offered by Opencart. In terms of Magento, you get what you pay for and the benefits and features offered by Magento must be weighed against the free Opencart features and benefits.

eCommerce Stores Have Become Essential for Almost Any Business

The bottom line is that eCommerce solutions have become a necessity for almost any small business and consumers have come to expect the ability to purchase your products online. The advent of platforms like Magento and Opencart have placed the power of ecommerce squarely within the reach of small organizations. Whether you choose Magento or Opencart, you will be a position to maximize your exposure and profits with an online ecommerce store.

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