Open Courseware and Udemy

Hi guys,

I recently came across a very interesting infographic on Open Courseware.

It’s an interesting way to revolutionize education. You can see below for the infographic itself.

I must say that although OCW is a very interesting concept, I am concerned with its sustainability. It seems a little counter intuitive that our new online education system needs donations and a large endowment to maintain itself. That’s part of the problem of traditional education anyway!

That’s why here at Udemy we adopt some OCW methods, but ultimately allow professors the flexibility of charging for their courses or not. In the long run we believe that prices will drop and the best courses (as opposed to the ones created by instructors that are willing to work for free) are  the ones that become most popular.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

Open Education
Created by: Online College Classes