Online Teaching Jobs – The Best Subjects to Teach Online

onlineteachingcompOnline teaching jobs can be a great way to share your knowledge and enthusiasm on a particular topic with others who share your interests. Teaching courses can supplement your income and increase credibility and clout within your profession. So what are the best subjects to teach? That answer varies depending on the person answering.  In a nutshell, the best subjects to teach are those you have the most interest in and knowledge about. Teaching allows you to pass on your passion for a topic to others, whether it is your professional area of expertise or a hobby you have lovingly cultivated. Any why not create a course in a place that already has an established marketplace of students – 2.5 million and growing – who are hungry to learn every variety of subject matter?

Types of courses

Udemy welcomes instructors to teach a broad range of subjects. With over 14,000 courses, the supply of content is increasing daily to meet the demand of students wanting to increase their knowledge. People have many reasons for taking Udemy courses, ranging from personal interest to professional development. Some Udemy students want to increase a sellable skill, such as mastering a productivity software program like Photoshop CS6. This course has had more than 4650 students so far. Are you an insider in a field others find glamorous or exciting? More than 1,000 people have taken this course on sports broadcasting. Perhaps you have completed a lifetime goal like writing a novel. Your roadmap to success can lead others along the same path.

Maybe you have developed a small business such as selling used books online, refurbishing furniture, or making jewelry. All that specific knowledge would be valuable to students interested in launching a similar enterprise. Instructors can also find demand for courses about hobbies, such as how to care for an exotic pet like a bearded dragon, learn a card game, or magic tricks to impress friends. Think back to times when you have demonstrated some fun skill and people wanted you to teach them. They still do. Also consider skills you have learned which have brought joy into your life, such as dance or painting. You can pass that enjoyment along by teaching others. Lots of people want to learn “homey” skills such as baking great artisan bread, preparing stew from scratch, knitting a sweater, sewing curtains, or adjusting a hemline. If you were fortunate enough to learn these from a grandparent or home economics teacher, you can easily find eager students on Udemy.

You may have personal or professional experience coping with a difficult life event, such as grieving the loss of a loved one or helping people suffering from dementia. An online course can be an affordable and convenient way for people in difficult life circumstances to gain information and feel more empowered. I was recently involved in a car wreck where the vehicle I was in was rear-ended. The weeks since have been a steep learning curve as I navigate the healthcare and legal systems. If there was a course on dealing effectively with medical professionals, lawyers, and insurance adjustors after an accident, I would jump at it. Perhaps I will teach such a course myself later.

Academic humanities and social sciences courses are also popular. Instructors with a passion for a subject like history, art, or literature can develop courses from broad overviews of an era or genre to specific examinations of one literary work like Mary Shelley’s classic horror novel Frankenstein or one historical figure.

In demand

There is a high demand on Udemy for expansion of content in the design, technology, and business channels.  Many students seek help making the most of sophisticated design software for photography, websites, and other projects. Instructors with deep knowledge of design software and the ability to explain it clearly are in high demand. The same goes for people able to guide others through computer programming in areas like Javascript or C++. The Internet has greatly expanded people’s opportunities to launch their own businesses. These entrepreneurs have many new skills to master, including time management, marketing, sales, outsourcing, growing their business, building their brand, accounting, and presentation skills.  Perhaps in launching your own small business you discovered that you were particularly gifted in one of these areas. That could mean launching another venture – sharing your business prowess with Udemy students.

But ‘my’ class is already offered

So you have thought about your interests, skills, and what you would like to teach only to discover that someone is already offering that exact course. Now what? You can still teach. Say you had wanted to offer a class on caring for a specific, exotic reptile but someone already teaches about that. Just remember, no two courses are alike, and the 2.5 million student base is so versatile that the demand for alternate courses on the same subject matter is high. Or suppose you had wanted to teach a course on writing the next ebook blockbuster yet see several similar course titles already. You could get more specific, for example focusing on cookbooks or young adult fiction. Also consider varying the depth of your offering. For example, if another instructor has an in-depth course on a specific topic with 85 lectures, you might prepare a broader overview course for people who just want the basics.


Online teaching jobs bring the satisfaction of offering one’s insider knowledge to others when and where they need it. Embarking in an online teaching job can improve the lives of others, both professionally and personally, around the globe. It provides more than what can be found in a book – demonstrations of key principles and real ways for students to learn, understand, and provide feedback. Think about what subjects you are most passionate about and topics you wish you had taken a course on rather than learning bits and pieces about on your own over many years. Those can serve as valuable opportunities to become a Udemy instructor and share that knowledge with the world.