Online Marketing Tools to Revolutionize Your Business

online marketing toolsOnline marketing is often hard, but can be equally rewarding for those who hit the right notes. Marketers need to employ skill in social media usage, email marketing, content SEO and other strategies for a fulfilling career. There are loads of free and paid tools that will make any marketing campaign go viral. However the tools can be very confusing due to their huge number.

This list singles out the most efficient tools for growing an audience really fast for any marketer.

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Handling Your SEO Efficiently

For those looking to impress search engines with the right keywords, this is for you.

  • Use Optify to start campaigns.
  • Use Moz to optimize keywords.

Optify is a really easy tool to use that makes index pages for your campaigns. Users will also be able to create email campaigns and keep a log on all the incoming links. This will enable them to accurately create niche-specific leads for their clients. Additionally, Moz will efficiently compare your keywords among top search engines and evaluate keyword options against each other. One thing that stands out though is the really great interface that will make your experience awesome.

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Social Media

One role of marketers around the globe is to manage social presence. It can get hectic if for instance a marketer has to manage social media for close to twenty clients. These social media tools will help in lowering the pressure on any marketer while optimizing results.

  • Use HootSuite to give simultaneous social feeds.
  • Use Meshfire to share tasks with your team.

Hootsuite will not only allow mass feeds, but it will also schedule posts as future feeds. This means that marketers can write feeds for up to one year in advance while keeping track of all their channels in a single page. Now this is really convenient. Users will get real-time analytics on social feeds, to enable them assess the impact of a campaign. For clients using only Facebook and Twitter, TweetDeck will do the job. The downside is that it is only limited only two sites.  Clients with feeds for LinkedIn and Google+ will have to use Hootsuite.

You can also use Meshfire for your social media management needs. This relatively new tool makes it easy to share the work among team members, so you know who is replying to which tweets, and so no messages go unanswered.

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File Management

It can get wildly hectic sharing files such as a flash video to clients and potential leads. Luckily there are resources where you can happily upload a file to a target audience once and simply share it for every new lead. This is not only efficient but economical and time-saving.

  • Use Dropbox to share.
  • Use Google Drive to manage.

Dropbox allows users to share files readily with the target audiences. It is actually an online hard drive accessible anywhere on the fly. Files may have access and edit privilege options.

For marketers wishing to share goodies with business associates or leads, try out Google Drive. It has a limit of 15GB space, but that is rather huge for a cloud server that works efficiently with teams. Google definitely carries the day on this one.

Optimize Google

Speaking of Google…this is one of the biggest forces for anything online. As a marketer, you will want to get used to many free services offered by Google to efficiently manage and benchmark your campaigns. Tools like Google Alerts, Google Analytics, Google Calendar, Google Apps for Businesses, and Google Insights will allow you to focus on the non-redundant part of projects.

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Project Management

  • Use Mavenlink to manage your projects.

Mavenlink has Google apps inbuilt and allows users to manage tasks, diarize activities or delegate duties to team members on the cloud. It is rather complicated but it is really helpful when you wrap your head around it. Marketers may also choose to use Basecamp or Trello in case they want to cut down on the budget, but Mavenlink is really worth the extra pay.

Visual Content Aides

Many clients and possible leads will respond more to dynamic media in form of presentations, as opposed to plain text and static media. This is where Piktochart and Prezi come in.

  • Use Piktochart to graphically capture an audience.

This app will make useful and elegant infographics that are sharable on the cloud really fast. It is more like PowerPoint but is way dynamic and operates on the cloud giving you the power to show presentations to anybody with a web browser. It provides for good storage space online and has awesomely predesigned graphics.

  • Impress your leads using Prezi.

This is an extremely great app that runs fully on the cloud. It is a great way to engage your audience with a game-like interface that allows them to navigate their way around your points. Images and 2D animations are easily inserted, rendered and shared to billions of web users, making it a great way to pitch your points.

Organize Yourself

Much of business is lost whenever marketers fail to track their contacts or access their card boxes from wherever they are. Some marketers also need short jots of tasks on a daily basis to be able to achieve commendable success. These tools are the answer to that.

  • Manage contacts with Flexadex.

Flexadex can be a great tool for managing all business contacts online. Impressively, it carries advanced features for grouping contacts and automated emailing of clients.

  • Use Passpack to manager your passwords.

On the other hand, Passpack is for marketers who forget passwords a lot, or have multiple accounts to manage. The tool will be of help in storing usernames & passwords and sharing them on the cloud to team-members.

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