10 Online Marketing Tools to Optimize Your Business

online marketing toolsWith the right combination of tools, running your online business is a breeze. As an online marketer, tools can take care of repetitive tasks like monitoring your search engine rankings, assessing your advertising ROI, and finding new target keywords.

In this guide, you’ll discover 10 online marketing tools that you can use to manage your advertising campaigns, improve your SEO, optimize your website, and run an efficient, successful, and highly profitable online marketing business.

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Google Analytics

When it comes to tracking and monitoring your campaigns, there’s nothing better than Google Analytics. Designed specifically for marketers, Google Analytics gives you a bird’s eye view of your website’s traffic sources, on-site activity, and more.

Using Google Analytics, you can track your conversion rate and learn how effective your online marketing activity is. You can also set up tests to assess the profitability of different landing pages, designs, and more using Content Experiments.

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Managing a team is one of the toughest aspects of running an online business. Web based project management application Trello makes keeping your team focused on the task at hand effortlessly simple.

Designed from the ground up for online businesses, Trello lets you create projects and assign jobs to different team members. Your freelancers, in-house staff, and VA can keep you updated using to-do lists, real time alerts, and much more.

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As an online marketing professional, staying focused can be a challenge. With major distractions like YouTube and Facebook just a click away, remaining productive isn’t always an easy process.

RescueTime is a time management application that monitors the amount of time you spend using certain applications and websites. As well as providing daily reports on your most used applications, it can block time-wasting websites from your browser.

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Need to share files with your team? Dropbox makes synchronizing your project files an effortlessly simple process. Built for online collaboration, Dropbox is an ideal tool for collaborating on landing pages, web applications, and marketing campaigns.

Create a new folder and share your marketing plans, source files, or at-work project in real time. Whether you’re coding the next big mobile application or making a new landing page for one of your campaigns, Dropbox is a must-have productivity tool.

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Are you a social media marketer? Using tools like HootSuite, you can automate a lot of your social media activity and make managing more than one Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram account a breeze.

Designed as a total social media management dashboard, HootSuite is a must-have application for any dedicated social media marketer. Join over nine million users to make your social media marketing exponentially easier to track and manage.

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Google Alerts

Sometimes, the best online marketing tools are completely free. Google Alerts make tracking mentions of your business simple. Enter your target keywords and receive daily email summaries of any online discussions related to your business.

Google Alerts can be used for customer outreach, public relations, learning about the needs of your customers, and more. If you create alerts using the names of your key competitors, you can even use Google Alerts to track their marketing activity.

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Keeping track of your online marketing projects doesn’t need to be tough. Basecamp is a beautiful project management application built by 37Signals that lets you track, monitor, and manage every aspect of your ongoing marketing projects.

Create new to-do lists and automatically email them to everyone on your team. Add new accounts for freelancers, contractors, and virtual assistants. Basecamp lets you simplify project management, freeing up more time for your most important work.

Don’t like Basecamp or Trello? Discover four other great project management apps for individuals and online teams with our blog post on project management tools.


Google Keyword Tool

Just like Google Alerts, the Google Keyword Tool is completely free of charge. One of several great built-in features offered to Adwords advertisers, the Keyword Tool can be used to research new target keywords and learn your market’s search habits.

From selecting keywords for your SEO projects to finding out which keywords you should add to your Adwords campaigns, the Keyword Tool is amazingly useful for online marketers. Start using it today to discover new advertising opportunities.

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Track your search engine rankings, learn more about your website’s domain and page authority, and spot new SEO opportunities with Moz. This powerful suite of search engine optimization apps is one of the most important tools in any search marketer’s digital arsenal.

Moz includes an analytics application, a competitive analysis tool, an on-page SEO grader, web crawler test, SERP analysis tool, and much more. Built for professional search marketers, Moz Pro is a must-have for running profitable SEO campaigns.

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Are you launching a display advertising campaign? Learn what your competitors are doing with MixRank – a real-time online advertising intelligence tool. MixRank gives you the ability to spy on your competitors and learn about their advertisements.

From the design of their banners to the websites their ads were last spotted on, this ultra-powerful intelligence tool lets you discover profitable placements and banner designs that your competitors are using to attract customers.

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Need more online marketing tools?

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