teach onlineWish you could escape your nine to five job and make money from the comfort of your own home? At Udemy you can join thousands of other passionate instructors who successfully teach and make money with online jobs from home.

The trick? Using the skills you already have to create online courses that help others across the globe develop their own abilities. Making a difference, helping others and making money – what’s not to love?

But if you’re unsure where to start and which skills you should take advantage of, here are ten skills that you can teach online at Udemy to earn money.

1. Web development

If you’re a natural at creating, designing or developing websites, you can utilize these skills to create an engaging and informative online course for Udemy students to learn website development from their own home. In fact, the Udemy How to Become a Web Developer from Scratch course is one of our most popular courses and experiences very high demand.

You can search through the Udemy course list to see what’s currently available and then pinpoint a niche your online course could fit into. You might be surprised at how fun the process is for our course instructors and how easy it is to make money with online jobs from home!

2. Software and programming

In the same vein, another subject Udemy students love learning about is anything IT, software and programming related. From beginners wanting to learn the basics of HTML through to experts wanting to increase their PHP skills, programming is one skillset that is always in demand.

Not sure what type of software or programming course you should teach or utilize in online jobs from home? You can check out our blog post on the best programming languages to learn for inspiration.

3. Cake decorating

Can you create a mean (and exquisitely decorated) birthday cake? Have friends and family raving over your racing track cake trimming? Udemy students aren’t only interested in learning business or technology skills. Discovering new hobbies and perfecting creative passions are a hit with our students and cake decorating takes the cake of creative hobby activities that our students love to learn about.

And best of all, you can spend lots of time practicing and preparing for your course! Which, of course, means making lots of cakes to decorate, right? And it’d be a shame to waste a good cake. Who says online jobs from home have to be dull?

4. Cooking

With today’s frantic, modern pace there’s less and less time to prepare (and enjoy) delicious homemade meals. Or more importantly, learn to create a homemade meal in the first place. Which is why online cooking classes are a hit with our students. They can learn at their own pace, at home, while increasing their cooking knowledge and adding a few yummy meals to their repertoire.

You can take advantage of the special recipes that have been in your family for generations, or whip up your own unique formulations that will have your student’s taste buds celebrating.

5. Psychology and self-help

Have you stumbled across the cure for unhappiness? Know tips and tricks for lowering stress levels, increasing resilience and finding your life’s true calling? Or maybe you have a professional background in psychology? You can take advantage of your superior knowledge of human psychology to teach students across the globe.

6. Animal training

Tiger tamers, snake whisperers and puppy coaches rejoice! You can now use your unique rapport with animals to make money online from home. Teach students how to get Pooch to sit on command, or how Kitty Le Cat can pirouette through hoops to the entertainment of your friends and family.

In 2012, 62 percent of U.S. families owned at least one pet. And you can be guaranteed those families won’t want an unruly dog or cat in their midst. Light the way for perfect pet behavior by sharing your animal training skills online.

7. Writing and editing

One of the most useful life skills you can develop is the art of communication. From writing business letters through to personal communication, writing and editing are important and valuable skills to have in business and in life.

So if you’re a word aficionado and know your way around a grammar puzzle, why not share these skills with Udemy students?

8. Languages

Did you grow up in a two (or more) language household? Know how to ask for a menu in five different languages? Languages fascinate Udemy students and you can share your own passion and expertise with them by creating a unique online course they can enroll in.

French, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin – the online educational world is your oyster!

9. Music

It might not be a skill you immediately think of when considering how to make money online, but teaching others how to play the guitar, violin, piano or any other instrument is actually a fantastic way to indulge in your passion and work from home.

You can teach individual songs or show students the basics of the instrument of your choice. Have fun, be creative and think about what you’d like to learn.

10. Crafts

And if none of these options sound up your alley, why not consider your creative and artistic outlets? From knitting and stitching through to woodwork and jewelry making, there are a myriad of ways you can turn your hobby into an online job from home.

Otherwise, why not check out our blog post on the most popular Udemy search terms for each category? You never know, something might inspire you!

With Udemy, you can build your personal and professional brand while making money, inspiring students and sharing your unique skills with the world. Turn your skills and passions into the perfect online job from home.

Find out how you can be an instructor with Udemy and inspire over 2.5 million students across 190 countries today by visiting our teach page.


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