online homeschoolingWhen I was growing up, I know that one of the main reasons why my parents chose not to homeschool me was because they felt that homeschooling would lack the interaction and communication that any public or in-person school could give me.  However, fast-forward to the present, and online learning is becoming more and more popular by the minute.

Here at Udemy, we have over 3 million students ready and willing to learn each day.  The advances and advantages of technology today make online homeschooling a great alternative for students to learn in an interactive environment.  Let’s take a look at some of the best accredited online homeschooling options, as well as the advantages of an online homeschooling education.

10 Top Online Homeschooling Options

International Virtual Learning Academy

The International Virtual Learning Academy is an online homeschooling program for grades 3 to 12.  It is run completely online and can provide students with a standard or a college predatory diploma.  You can enroll year-round and the enrollment free includes both free math and reading assessments.  It is great in that it offers individualized learning plans for each of its students and one-on-one teacher and student interaction with strong parent collaboration in the program.  The curriculum is strong and adheres to national academic content standards.

The Connections Academy

Connections Academy offers high quality and highly affordable online public and privates schools in the United States for students in grades K through 12, which makes it one of the leader national providers of online homeschooling.  They promise to deliver a top quality and personalized education for all of their students over the internet that are looking for an individualized and advanced approach to education.

Ignitium Online Christian School

For parents looking for a Christian approach to online education, Ignitium Online Christian School provides a great option for students grades 3 through 12.  Tuition is $75 each month, but can be customized to meet a family’s specific budget requirements.

Homeschool Buyers Co-op

For the world’s largest buyer’s club for online homeschooling, check out Homeschool Buyers Co-op.  If you have a group of people interested in online homeschooling, you can join their site for free and take advantage of some of their offers that can save you up to 90% on some of their options for award-winning online curriculums and classes.

Home Learning Institute

The Home Learning Institute is an online homeschooling program for students grades 5 through 12. It provides a complete online curriculum and offers great parent interaction as well.  The Home Learning Institute will provide parents with a separate login account for answers keys and electronic grade books for their child’s learning material.  The tuition is $249 per year if the coupon code “HS50” is applied.

Laurel Springs Accredited Private School

The Laurel Springs Private School is an accredited online homeschooling program that offers all of its courses online through their learning management system.  They provide all of their students with interactive electronic textbooks.  Those enrolled will be able to reap their benefits from student-to-teacher interaction and complete access to their multimedia library.

Jefferson County Educational Service Center Virtual Learning Academy

The Jefferson County Educational Service Center and Virtual Learning Academy offers its students an extensive selection from its online curriculum.  Its library spans from over 100 and covers grades K through 12.  Jefferson offers a very user-friendly Learning Management System online that can be easily navigated by students from all different learning abilities, as well as parents.

Global Student Network

The Global Student Network is a leading contender in providing quality online homeschooling curriculums for homeschooled students.  Their program currently over 30 secular, Christian, and foreign language programs for students and are aligned with the state, national, and common core standards.  This will provide a rich, interactive, and engaging online learning experience.


eLearningk12 provides a personalized and guided education system for online homeschooling for students in grades K through 12.  Their core curriculum is also aligned with the national and state standards, and has assistance from some of the top professional educators.


Time4Learning is a very popular online homeschooling option with curriculum programs ranging from Pre-Kindergarten all the way up to 8th grade.  They provide a heft variety of online multimedia lessons for their students, as well as printable worksheets and graded activities for all subjects, including: Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  To ensure student commitment, their lessons are time-stamped to account for online attendance.  Parents and students can have access to all of their material for $19.95 a month, and there is no contract involved.

Advantages of Online Homeschooling

Learn Online At Home

Online homeschooling can allow both parents and students to thrive in a customized learning environment.  Homeschooling can be challenging, and with the above options, there are plenty of online homeschooling programs that families can consider.  To get started with homeschooling today, enroll in this course that will go over the most important aspects of homeschooling for you and your student.

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