20 Cities Taking Advantage of the Online Education Revolution (infographic)

While the sharp rise in online education may come as no surprise, the Udemy team has been busy digging into course data to find out who is really benefitting from the “Online Education Revolution.” Using course data from over 5MM completed courses, 2MM users, and over 14,000 courses, the results may surprise you.

Find out if your city made the list of America’s top cities using online education below!

Our data revealed the top subjects for online courses fell into either Design, Technology, or Business. Within each, we have listed the most popular courses, and the cities within the US that are benefitting the most from those courses. Along with student population, Udemy used course completion rates and total number of completed lectures to rate each city. The top city in each category received a “Learning Index” of 100, and each city following is ranked on a traditional grading curve relative to the top ranking city.

Cincinnati, OH; Reading, PA; and Sacramento, CA respectfully take the top spots for Design, Technology, and Business. But the real surprise in the rankings was Sacramento, which ranked within the Top 3 for every category.

Check out our infographic below for a full list of what’s really happening in the world of over 22MM online learners.



The total number of users from top learning providers including Khan Academy, Lynda, and Coursera were compiled using public growth numbers.