Online Certification Programs: From Reiki to Inbound Marketing

online certification programsYou can be anything you want to be. Really, you can! The internet has opened up so many different possibilities; the wide variety of online certification programs allows you to gain knowledge in a particular subject without going broke in the process. The best part? Udemy offers many courses that actually give you a certification certificate when you complete the program and pass a handful of tests. If you don’t receive a certification upon completion of the course, you’ve certainly received all of the information you need to pass your certification exam!

Holistic Cancer Educator

Many people are turning to alternative approaches to traditional medicine. The creator of this course has treated almost 30,000 cancer patients with holistic treatments! You’ll learn how to analyze a patient’s symptoms and improve their quality of life through natural methods. You’ll take a look at various case studies, lectures, video clips and articles that all work together to give you all the knowledge you need to become a holistic cancer educator yourself. At the end of the course, after passing all of your exams, you’ll receive a signed certificate and the permission to use the program logo on your website.

Skateboarding Instructor

shutterstock_143687476Have you always been into skateboarding, but your parents told you it would take you nowhere in life? While becoming a skateboarding instructor may not make you a millionaire, it can certainly make you a few extra bucks on the side. Knowing how to skateboard is one thing, but knowing how to teach skateboarding is something entirely different. This course will teach you how to break down simple moves in order to explain them to someone who has never set foot on a skateboard, as well as different learning styles that will help you become a better teacher. At the end of the course, you’ll receive a certificate and be on your way!

Postpartum Doula

A postpartum doula provides emotional and physical support to both the mother and the baby following the birth. You’ll learn about the difficult emotional transition from carrying around a child in your stomach to birthing and caring for it, as well as information on breastfeeding and how to help every member of the family during this time. After giving you the knowledge you need, this course will also give you tips and tricks on how to become a doula and gain clients. You’ll also receive one-on-one mentoring to ensure that you’re understanding all of the material. At the end of the course, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to become professionally certified and start your career!

Reiki Master

Wellness - woman receiving head or face massage in spaTo become a Reiki master, you have to understand that the body is full of varying energies. When one heals through Reiki, they either place their hands on or very close to the patient’s body, moving them around in order to channel and move energy within the patient’s body. This energy helps to activate the natural healing processes within the body, curing the patient of any physical or emotional ailments. This course offers information for three different levels of Reiki certification, including how to perform Reiki from afar and the importance of chakras in the healing process. At the end of the course, you’ll have all of the knowledge you need to start practicing Reiki on yourself and others.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the opposite of outbound marketing – which means that a company attempts to draw visitors in with quality content instead of purchasing ads and attempting to reach out to its audience. In the digital age, there’s hardly a need to cold call, send out tons of emails or host seminars. When was the last time you actually sat through an entire commercial? Being able to download television shows without ads and fast forward your programs makes outbound marketing less and less effective. With inbound marketing, you learn how to use keywords and create markets that will draw visitors to you without pestering them. At the end of this course, you’ll know everything you need to start effectively using inbound marketing strategies in your own company!


off page seoSEO – which stands for Search Engine Optimization – is the backbone of digital marketing. Throughout this course you’ll learn how to research what keywords are used most frequently, how to integrate SEO into your social networks and how to optimize WordPress to your benefit. You’ll learn both the technical aspects of SEO and how to effectively use this knowledge to increase your own profits. At the end of the course, you’ll be ready to start marketing your company, services or blog in order to gain more clients and exposure.

Pharmacy Technician

There is a lot of information you’ll need to know before you can become a certified pharmacy technician. Luckily, this course goes through all of that information in easy to understand lectures and videos. You’ll learn calculations, abbreviations, drug facts, conversions, pharmacy law and safety strategies – as well as tons of other information! You can take the course at your own pace, and you’ll have access to 12 quizzes and a final exam that will help prepare you for the real exam. Once you’ve finished the course, you have lifetime access to the material to continue to study!

TESOL Certification

free toefl practiceTESOL stands for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages. If you’ve ever been interested in teaching English in a foreign country, you’ll need to get certified before you can get on that plane! This course offers 15 different videos with quizzes after each clip, allowing you to refresh the information you just learned. You’ll learn effective teaching methods as well as how to deal with students learning at different rates. At the end of the course, you’ll receive your own certificate!

In this day and age, you truly are limited to your own imagination. Although not all of these courses offer a professional certificate upon completion, they will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed in the professional world. So what’s next? Will you become a Reiki master, an inbound marketing guru or fly across the world to teach English to others?