Online Certificate Programs: The Top Certificate Programs for Today’s Job Market

online certificate programsMost of us have access to the Internet, but not all of us have the skills we need today that can help to prepare us for the jobs of tomorrow.  Want a quick, affordable, and easily-accessible solution?  Consider an online certificate program.

Obtaining a certification through an online certificate program has become possible with the increase of options and overall availability of the internet.  Who wouldn’t want to toss aside their car keys, back packs, and heavy book bags for the convenience of an online program that you can work on from home on your own time and at your own pace?  Let’s take a look at some of the best online certificate programs available that can help your work to achieve your professional goals and increase your chances of advancement in the workplace.

Top Online Certificate Programs

Finding a job or attaining a certain skill set can be overwhelming, especially if you do not have the time or money to go back to a four year University of college.  However, with online certificate programs, you can find ways to give yourself the opportunity to excel in a job that you always wanted.  Let’s take a look at some of the most useful and best certificates that you can earn online, today!

Project Management:  Employers love people who have the tools and skills that they can use to manage a large group of people.  A project management certificate can allow you to manage a team of people or a project in engineering, construction, or information technology.  If you already work in one of these fields, or have experience, a project management certificate can work well for you.

  • Salary:  A project manager’s salary can reach upwards to $152,922.
  • Work:  You can expect to be contracted with companies such as Boeing, HP, Microsoft, or even with the U.S. air force.
  • Check out online certificate programs at the University of Phoenix or Devry University’s Keller Graduate School of Management.

General Contractor:  Regardless of the housing market, a general contract certificate will be valuable because there are always things being built in construction.  A certificate as a general contractor will have you working with estimating, drawing, building, and construction methods to get you in the know of all the tools needed to working in the construction zone.  If you already work in construction or engineer, a general contractor certificate would work well for you.

  • Salary:  Construction contractors can earn from $30,600 to $124,600.
  • Work:  You can expect to operate as a self-employed contractor, or be employed with companies such as Lennar Corp., Balfour Beatty, or Habitat for Humanity.

Radiologist:  Just like other healthcare job opportunities, radiology is a growing field in health care.  However, it is also constantly changing with new technologies being developed daily to make it more powerful.  This makes certifications more handy and up to date.

  • Salary:  Radiology technicians typically earn around $54,340 per year.  However, the longer you stick with your job, the more you can look to make year after year.  A radiology manager can make up to $65,928, and diagnostic imaging director’s salaries can reach up to six figures with a $96,690 salary.
  • Work:  Radiologists can expect to work in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and imaging clinics.

Automotive Services:  Most everyone relies on some sort of transportation, and obtaining a professional certificate in the automotive industry will give you the tools you need to help repair cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles.  Although you can work as a service technician without a certificate, an online certificate in automotive services will help set you apart from other hires.

  • Salary:  You can expect to earn around $35,800 a year in this stable career.

Massage Therapist:  The field of massage therapy has a strong growth outlook, which makes getting a massage therapy certificate a good route to look into.  Most states require that a massage therapist be certified or licensed from an accredited training program.  There are many of these offered online, so do some research to find the best online certification program for you.

  • Salary:  As a massage therapist, you can expect to earn around $34,900 a year.
  • Work:  Massage therapists generally are self-employed or open their own practices, but they can also work in hospitals, with sports teams, or in massage parlors.

Cisco Certified Network Associate:  The field of information technology is always growing, and the certificates and programs online to advance in the IT world are plenty.  The certification for a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is a required certification for professional looking to work within the Cisco network.

  • Salary:  Pay options for Cisco professional are high, as Network and computer systems administrators will generally earn around $69,160 each year.

Benefits of Taking an Online Certificate Program

Now that you have an idea of where an online certificate program can take you, let’s look at some of the benefits of enrolling in an online certificate program.

  • Flexible Hours: Online courses allow you to complete assignments on your own time.  For example, if you work during the day, you can submit your assignments in anytime before the due date.  Basically, as long as you log-in for discussions when you need to, you can otherwise make your own schedule.
  • Location:  An online certificate program can be taken anywhere that you have internet access, which is a great option if you live outside of the city or have vacation plans.
  • Online Resources:  Instead of having to spend money buying books, most online certificate programs offer online resources and an online library that you can access a lot of your learning material from.
  • Price:  Generally, an online certificate program will come up cheaper than it would if you were to take a class at a university or local college.  There are also plenty of financial aid options available for these certificate programs as well.

Jumpstart Your Career

These days, we all want to get ahead and advance our careers, but we do not always have the time, money, or resources to do so.  An online certificate program will help you achieve what you want to in your career development while still allowing you to go about your daily life.  If you are ready to jumpstart your career, check out’s wide variety of online certificate programs to help you get started.