11 Nice Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

nice things to say to your boyfriendIt doesn’t matter how tough or emotionally cool he is, your boyfriend needs to hear nice things every now and again. Whether he’s had a tough day at work, or is just plain blue, it’s important that he knows that you appreciate him and care for him each and every day. I’ve found that complimenting my husband (who was obviously once my boyfriend) can raise not only his spirits, but mine as well. If he’s not the chatty type, or has trouble taking a compliment, consider accessing Patryk and Kasia Wezowski’s Secret Language of Love-Body Language for Relationships course to learn more about interacting with him through body language and touch. My primary advice is to remember to appreciate your boyfriend everyday. Let him know how important he is to you. Remember that it feels good to give and receive gifts; consider the following nice things to say to your boyfriend as emotional gifts that can really go a long way.

1. “I’m so proud of you.”

I know, I know, it sounds like something you say to a little kid, or something your parents might say to you, but letting him know you’re proud of his accomplishments can improve his self-esteem and can help him overcome any obstacles he may currently face. Expressing that you’re proud of him shows him that you recognize his efforts and support his goals and dreams.

2. “You smell so good.”

It’s really important that you acknowledge his attempts to impress you with his grooming abilities. Maybe he smells great after a long day at work, or maybe he tried a new brand of cologne that you like. Even a little compliment on his deodorant fragrance can boost his confidence.

3. “Thank you.”

Mom was right when she said to always say please and thank you. Being polite and recognizing someone’s efforts to help you can make a huge difference. This goes for boyfriends too. No matter how busy or stressed you feel, don’t forget to thank him for the sweet text or that note he put in your purse before you left for work. Even if he isn’t overly gracious with gifts or compliments, try to make an effort to appreciate the little things. Even buying you dinner or bringing you a coffee deserves a hug and a thank you.

4. “I need you.”

It’s been said that women need to be wanted and men want to be needed. Let him know you need him around, not just to setup the television or hang the laundry to dry, but for company and companionship. Let him know that he’s important to you and you’ll help construct an amazing relationship. For more assistance creating the relationship you want, check out Alexis Meads’ Create a Mind-Blowing Relationship.

5. “Can I make you dinner?”

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never cooked a single meal in your entire life; figure out how to feed your man. I’ve mentioned this in previous articles that even understanding the fundamentals of scrambled eggs can show him that you care. The effort alone can set his spirit flying. For more information about creating a simple meal for your boyfriend try Andrew K. White’s Cook Like a Man: Cooking for a Date. You’ll find it to be easier than you think, and it will make him happy while simultaneously boosting your own confidence in the kitchen.

6. “You’re so good at that!”

My husband is seriously one of those men who excel at everything. From fixing the car to writing a song, he seems to master anything he attempts. Figure out what your boyfriend does extremely well, and let him know you’re impressed. Even if it’s something small like, “hey, I like how you tie your shoes.” He’ll appreciate that you noticed, and will continue along a path toward success in everything he does.

7. “That girl/guy was totally checking you out!”

This is a great one that builds confidence and strokes his ego like you wouldn’t believe. Keep an eye out for onlookers when you’re wondering around town, and make sure your sweetie knows that other people appreciate his good looks as much as you do. This compliment tells him you’re proud to be with such a hottie and you’re excited to show him off. Everyone likes to be told that they’re attractive. Why not let him know how you feel?

8. “Can I list you as my emergency contact?”

This one isn’t for new relationships or first dates, but once you’ve gotten to know someone, it’s nice to let him know that he’s the one you want the ambulance to call when you accidentally eat that month-old chicken that’s been sitting in your refrigerator. Putting all food-borne-illness jokes aside be certain he’s up to the task of acting as your emergency connection, and offer to return the favor too.

9. “Take the night/weekend off”

Nothing is worse than a partner who doesn’t respect your space. Boyfriends need time to themselves and time to spend with their other friends. Just because you’re dating, don’t expect to spend every waking moment together. Let him know you trust him by telling him to go out with his friends, or take a weekend to have some ‘guy time’ goofing around in the woods. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder, doesn’t it? He’ll be beyond happy to see you when he returns from all his wild adventures.

10. “I need a hug”

Vulnerability is one of the primary traits that endear us to one another as human beings. It signals our ability show emotion and to trust one another. Asking your sweetie for a hug is just another way to let him know that you’re confident being emotional around him, and that he’s the one you want to help mend a difficult moment. (Remember, men want to be needed!)

11. “I’d love to!”

Show some enthusiasm for something your boyfriend finds interesting. If he just bought two tickets to see his favorite band, go with him to the show even if you don’t know what kind of music they play. While you don’t need to trade your own interests for his, try at least, to understand and respect the things he likes. I never thought I’d like backcountry camping until my husband dragged me along last summer, and it has since become one of my favorite activities.

In lieu of all this advice, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of showing appreciation for your partner. This is the basic tenet of a healthy relationship in my opinion, and it can help you reach deeper connections, not only with your partner, but with your friends and family members too. Letting him know that you are thrilled to have met him is one of the greatest things you can pass along to the person that you love. This appreciation, if it’s genuine, will carry you through difficult times and will act as a touchstone when you’re both busy at work or with kids and family. If you’re searching for more information on how you can create a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your boyfriend, try Kain Ramsay’s Deeper Connections: How to Create Ultimate Relationships, and you too can improve your relationship.