We’re excited to announce another brand new course brought to you by one of Udemy’s own! Experience Designer Pablo Stanley has created “Design and Prototype a Mobile App: Illustrator and Marvel” for all of your app designing and prototyping needs.

In this course, Pablo starts with a blank page and teaches you to transform it into a complete, interactive mobile app – no coding skills required. He walks designers of all skill levels through the entire process using Adobe Illustrator for the design phase and the Marvel app for the prototype. You’ll learn to prototype a signup flow, an onboarding screen, discovery flow, search screens, and user settings. You’ll also create product detail screens, brand pages, a selection menu, a tabbed menu and an image slideshow.


Working as a designer, Pablo has learned firsthand the importance of prototyping. He explains, “No one wants to see an app on paper, they want to play with it on their phone; tap, swipe, scroll, and do a little dance.” He thus has found prototyping to be the most powerful way to present an experience and tell a story.

Dive into Pablo’s course to learn how to bring your idea to action via an iOS8 prototype, and have a little fun along the way. “Warning: High Risk of Mind Explosions.” Enjoy!


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