I wanted to share what we’re doing this month on the Instructor Promotion side. One thing we’ve seen since our instructor community started forming is that you are incredibly creative and resourceful.

Every month, at least one instructor discovers a new tactic, place, or approach that creates enrollments and/or sales for them and others.

So, this month, we’re selecting a Leader of Enrollments and a Leader of Sales, and giving each person the choice of an iPad Mini or plane ticket anywhere, *up to $400.

This month, we’re celebrating the previous Leaders of the New Frontier (we recognize a few of them below)…and we’re discovering more.

Previous Leaders of Enrollments

  • Martin Perhiniak enrolled 959 students by posting in the Adobe Education Exchange.
  • Hitesh Choudhary enrolled 400 students in 1 day after lecturing at a local university.
  • Justin Mitchel got 700+ students using The BUDDYPASS Method (and is now a top monthly earner on Udemy).
  • Bogdan Milanovich got 500+ students from Reddit.
Previous Leaders of Sales
  • David Travis got over 300 paying students when a Blog Reviewed His Course.
  • Phil Ebiner got 30+ paying students (over $750 in 7 days) using a Graduated Pricing Promo (viewable for Udemy Faculty Lounge members).
  • Pablo Farias Navarro got sales through Affiliates for the Spanish-Speaking Market.
  • Neil Creek had a record-breaking earnings month (over $10,000) when he was Featured in a Holiday Promotion Email Blast for a Large, Niche Blog.


So, how can you become selected as one of the Leaders of the New Frontier? Find a new tactic or approach that works for you!

Just post your Enrollment or Sales tactic and the results (# of students and/or $$ earned) in the Faculty Lounge or email danielle at udemy dot com by October 31st, 2013, and you could win!

Start discovering your New Frontiers! You can find ideas at the links below:

  1. Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Bestseller on Udemy
  2. 25 Ways to Enroll 25 Students
  3. Roundup of Instructor Promo Resources 

…And look out for the Instructor Promo Leaderboard next week. 🙂

Onward and upward!

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