New Frontiers: 9 Unique Ways to Promote Your Udemy Courses


We held a contest in October challenging instructors to discover new, unique ways to grow their course enrollments and earnings. We received over 75 submissions. Congratulations to our selected Leaders Vanessa Van Edwards and Hitesh Choudhary for winning an iPad mini or flight anywhere up to $400!

Read their New Frontiers stories below!


The exciting thing about these methods is that you can do them, too! You don’t need a huge email list, online following, or tons of published courses to see success with these tactics.

As you read the 5 Ways to get Course Sales and 5 Ways to Get Student Enrollments below, select 2-3 methods that you’ll try this month. And look out for Part II of this New Frontiers Series!




1. Tony Gaskins, The Segment Your Audience Approach

To promote my course Become a Professional Life Coach, I posted on my Facebook page [over 24,000 Likes] asking the single moms of 2 children or more to inbox me. I gave them all a course coupon to use by Oct 25th. They all did. I also sent it to 10 friends with the same deadline. Then, I sent an email to my mailing list offering them 75% as a ONE-TIME offer and gave them until October 31st to use it.

I earned over $1,500 in one day and over $7,500 in October alone from this promotion. This definitely makes me want to add my other courses to Udemy.


2. Jason Elbourne, Milestone Coupons Method

At the beginning of October, I reached 2,500 students in one of my courses, so I sent out this announcement:

Hello Fellow Python Users!!

The course, Learn Python, it’s CAKE (Beginners), just hit 2500 students today and I wanted to celebrate with you.

I am going to lower the Price for my 3 Python Courses to $13 (With coupon) until the end of October.

If you have friends or family that are interested in learning some Python make sure you let them know about this discount. And give your twitter/facebook followers a coupon Deal with the link, they will appreciate it.

Learn Python, it’s CAKE (Beginners) : $13

Python, The Next Level (Intermediate) : $13

Learn Google AppEngine, it’s Cake! : $13

Thank you all.

This campaign lasted around 2 weeks, and got 44 new enrollments, all paying students, for an total instructor payment of over $500.

3.  Harry Mattison, Guest Blog Post Method 

I have been marketing my course Learn to Program the Revit API by Boost Your BIM on my website Boost Your BIM, Twitter, and asking prominent bloggers to promote my course. Here is where it has been featured:

I have enrolled 32 people who have paid $124 each (earned $3968 total) using the instructor coupons.

Editor’s Note: Unsure how to request a Udemy course review from popular bloggers? Read here and here for step-by-step instructions.


4.  3D Motive, 5 for $5 Promo


We started by sending an email blast to our existing mailing list of 5,000+ and did a “5 for $5” promotion—offering 5 of our courses for $5 each. We also posted the promo on several Game Art forums, Facebook, and Twitter.

We’ve had about 400 sales so far with the coupons, and around $2,000 in sales from these promotions alone. We realize that more students now means more students later, so giving away our courses for $5 each will ultimately be worth even more than that in the long run.


3. Sampath Dhanasekaran, The LinkedIn Group Method

My course is Oracle Database Administration for Absolute Beginners, and it’s been online for about 2.5 months now.

  • On LinkedIn, I own a couple Information Technology related groups with an approximate total member count of 35,000.
  • I promoted my course via weekly announcements to my LinkedIn subscribers. As of now I have done that only for three times.
  • Altogether, I brought 120 paying students through my own promotional efforts and earned $2300 with my efforts and Udemy’s.

The topic of my course is such that the market for it is very narrow and vertical. And I think, in this case, the instructor has to establish credibility to attract paying students. To do that, having our own set of network groups through LinkedIn, YouTube, and other sites helps.


5.  Constantine Aaron Cois, Channel Blitz Method

I used three primary techniques to drives sales of my Learn Node.js by Example course.

  • First, I wrote guest blog posts on topics related to my course and included 30% off links to my course.
  • Second, I run my own blog, where I write posts about software and programming topics regularly. When I write a post about the topic of my Udemy course, I insert a small banner/hello bar at the top of the page offering a discount to my online course. NewFrontiers_Constantine
  • Third, I posted part of my lectures publicly on YouTube and included an Instructor Coupon code link in the description.

Results: With these techniques, I signed up 42 students from June-October 2013 through Instructor Coupons, earning me $1,000+ (28% of my total revenue for that period!).


New Frontiers: New Ways to Get STUDENT ENROLLMENTS

1.  Brian Apodaca, The Flyering Method

I went to local schools and handed out flyers and spoke with students in person. I enrolled 200 new students this way. Here’s my largest course: AutoCAD 2014 – 2D Fundamentals.

Since I am a new instructor, I do not have a large email list. So, I focused on publishing courses with topics that are frequently searched on Udemy. My first course attracted over 300 students in less than a month because it’s on a highly searched keyword.

2.  Alexis Meads, Social Media Blitz Method

To enroll students into my Crazy Wild Love: Bombshell Bootcamp course:

  • I first contacted close friends and family [with a coupon to enroll in my course].
  • I made sure all of my social media posts, including my past YouTube videos and blogs contained a link to my course with a 20% off discount code.
  • I also added an auto responder for email subscribers so two weeks after subscribing, they receive course info and a 50% coupon.
  • I have a private Facebook group for my Udemy students, and gave them a BUDDYPASS coupon to enroll their friends.

Currently I have 69 students enrolled in my course, most of whom are new to Udemy.

3.  Monica Burns, Personal Blog & Teachers Pay Teachers

It’s only been a few months since publishing Teach with Your iPad: Part I, but I am definitely seeing results from my campaigns to get new users!

  • BLOG POST: I made an ad to go in the sidebar of my blog and dedicated a whole post and page to my course.  It gives a really detailed overview of why my course would benefit my audience and provides a coupon for 50%. Posting a separate announcement as a blog post meant that the almost 800 people who follow my blog received an email with the new course and coupon code as soon as my post went live.
  • TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS: Since I sell lesson plans on Teachers Pay Teachers, I used their messaging tool to reach out to my followers on that site and have sold a couple courses as a result.

4.  Mike Fishbein, Close Contacts Blitz Method 

  • I emailed my close contacts giving them a discount code and asked them if they could share it with anyone they know who might benefit. One friend distributed to his company’s Yammer account. Another shared with an email distribution list he’s a part of. Several others tweeted about it.
  • I’ve tried several other channels, such as blogging and guest blogging, answering questions on Quora and linking to it, and asking my college’s alumni group to share it with alumni, but simply emailing people directly was most valuable.

I currently have 105 students enrolled in my course How to Build An Awesome Professional Network, almost all of which came through direct mail.



We are so inspired by all of the new ways Udemy instructors are growing your student enrollments and earnings! This is just Part I of the New Frontiers Series.

Select 2-3 methods you from above, and put them in motion! You never know whether it will work for you or not if you don’t give it a try.

Let us know how it goes in the comments!