10 New Career Ideas for Professionals Seeking Change

new career ideasWhether you’re a recent college graduate beginning to start your working life or a highly experienced professional looking for change, starting a new career is a great way to energize yourself and improve your future.

Although some careers require years of training to enter, others can be started by anyone with the skills, knowledge and work ethic to become a success. In this blog post, you’ll discover 10 new career ideas to help you refresh your professional life.

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Computer Programmer

Html Web CodeAs the world grows more digital, the demand for computer programmers is getting greater by the minute. In fact, there’s such heavy demand for skilled programmers that Bill Gates and other digital icons are campaigning for a greater emphasis to be placed on programming skills in schools and colleges.

Think you need a college degree to become a great programmer? Think again. While having a degree in Computer Science or a related discipline is helpful for working as a programmer, it’s very possible to learn programming languages like C++, Java and web-based programming languages like PHP and JavaScript by yourself.

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Freelance Writer

what does a copywriter doDo you have a passion for writing? Is your grammar impeccable? Put your literary skills to use as a freelance writer. With content playing a bigger role in marketing than ever before, freelance writers and editors are seriously in demand.

Freelance writing is a career choice that’s open to people of any background. In fact, having an interesting or technical background enables you to market yourself as an expert in your niche, further increasing demand for your writing services.

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Marketing Consultant

planningDo you currently work in the marketing department of a large company? Break out of the corporate lifestyle and use your marketing knowledge, skills and experience to open your own marketing consultancy business.

With the economy recovering and a growing number of online and offline startups opening their doors, marketing skills are more valuable than ever before. If you’re able to track down customers, build a lasting brand and create results, you’ve got what it takes to succeed as an independent marketing consultant.

Whether you choose to charge clients an hourly rate for your services or negotiate an equity-based deal, it’s far from difficult to enjoy a great income as a marketing consultant.

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Web/Graphic Designer

graphicdesignonlineAre you naturally creative? Do you love to design logos, brochures and marketing materials? Thanks to the massive growth of the technology industry, skilled web and graphic designers are in huge demand among Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and digital startups.

Just like with computer programming, you don’t necessarily need a degree to start working as a freelance web designer. If you’ve got the creativity, the technical skills and the work ethic to build a stylish portfolio and market it to prospects, you could easily establish yourself as a leading online or local web designer.

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Commission Salesperson

new career ideasAre you naturally persuasive? Have you developed and refined your sales skills in your current career? If you know how to showcase a product or service’s benefits, you can earn a lucrative living in almost any industry as a commission salesperson.

From oil and gas to beauty products, sales experts can excel in any industry where results are what matters. If you’re an ambitious self-starter who knows what your target market responds to, a career in sales could be a great choice for you.

Don’t have natural sales skills? Don’t worry – although some old-fashioned direct marketers might claim that salespeople are born and not taught, it’s easy to teach yourself the art of persuasion, influence and effective sales.

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Social Media Consultant

Social Media in the Workplace The rapid growth of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others has left companies struggling to catch up. Enter the social media consultant – a perceptive and ambitious digital native whose understanding of social media lets them craft social marketing campaigns that produce serious results.

Over the last five years, social media has gone from a fringe marketing opportunity to an important focus of small businesses, startups and top Fortune 500 companies alike. With digital marketing spending growing 19% per year, it’s a great time to be a social media marketing consultant.

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Freelance Translator

Easy Languages To LearnAre you bilingual? Although fluency in more than one language isn’t quite enough to become a translator, it’s a great building block for getting certification from industry organizations like the American Translator’s Association.

Skilled and qualified translators have a wide variety of career options, from working as freelance translators for online marketers and corporate clients to joining a large company to work as an in-house translator for communications, marketing material and training guides.

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Search Engine Optimizer

Hipster Writing SEO Concepts on his NoteFrom small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, every business wants to rank at the top of the search engine results for certain keywords. Search engine optimizers, known to most as SEOs, are independent marketing experts that help their clients climb to the top of the search engines through great content and high quality links.

Just like programming and social media, SEO is an industry that you can break into without any credentials or special training. In fact, since the SEO industry moves at such a breakneck pace, spending years in traditional education learning the basics of SEO can actually set you back from the rest of the crowd.

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Digital Entrepreneur

new career ideasThanks to content management systems like WordPress and Drupal, online credit card processors like PayPal and Stripe, and e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Magento Go, it’s never been easier to start your own online business.

Do you have a great idea for an online business? Would you like to build and market your own iPhone app? The technology industry is booming, and there are now more opportunities than ever before to generate online income as a digital entrepreneur.

From service-based businesses like online design or marketing agencies to simple, helpful and user-friendly web applications, the huge range of web design platforms and payment processors makes acting on your entrepreneurial ideas a breeze.

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Personal Trainer

dumbbell leg exercisesWith an increasing number of people becoming aware of the importance of exercise for health and longevity, becoming a personal trainer is a great way to build a stable career and help people achieve their fitness goals at the same time.

From losing weight to building muscle, your job as a personal trainer is to give your clients the guidance and professional advice they need to eat right, train safely and build the bodies they’ve always wanted.

If you have a passion for exercise and keeping fit, there’s no better career. As well as enjoying the good karma of helping people achieve their goals, personal trainers can benefit from a healthy work environment and flexible scheduling options.

Would you like to start working as a personal trainer and help people achieve their health and fitness goals? Read our blog post on getting certified online as a personal trainer to learn how you can break into the fitness industry today.