Negotiation Skills Training For Everyday Life

negotiation skills trainingGood negotiation skills are not only essential for business and the workplace, but are essential for everyday life. Next time you spend an hour fighting with your toddler, and losing, think about how negotiation skills could have resolved the conflict far faster and with better results. Negotiation skills can be learned, like any other skill in life, and like most skills, negotiation skills will help you in all aspects of your interaction with others.

If you are looking for a fast track course on learning to negotiate, check out the Negotiation Skills: Discover How To Negotiate In 1 Day course. This course will help you to understand the negotiation process, what the three phases of negotiation are and what skills are required for successful negotiation. You will learn how to prepare yourself for the negotiation process, how to establish your WATNA and BATNA and how to identify your WAP. The course will show you how to get off on the right foot and how to differentiate what information you should share. You will learn about the bargaining techniques and which ones you should try. The course covers the concept of mutual gain – how to work towards a win-win situation. You will also learn how to close negotiations by reaching a consensus, building agreements and settling the terms of the agreement. Finally, the course will provide you with techniques for dealing with difficult situations like personal attacks, controlling your emotions and deciding when it’s time to walk away.

So let’s take a look at negotiation and why these skills are essential for everyone.

Why Negotiation Skills are Important

Life is full of conflict situations. Whether you are at work or at home, most of our days are spent in some sort of conflict resolution. Deciding what should happen at work or deciding what to order for dinner, are all examples of where negotiation skills become invaluable. These conflict situations can be resolved peacefully through a good negotiation process or they can result in arguments and discord. Learning the steps of negotiation will help you to avoid the arguments and strive towards a win-win situation in most situations in life.

The majority of negotiation skills training courses divide the negotiation process into a number of different phases. These phases include:

1.       Preparation

2.       Discussion & Communication

3.       The Negotiation Process

4.       Confirmation and Conclusion

Preparing for Negotiation

Before any conflict resolution or negotiation can begin, the parties involved need to agree on a meeting or a discussion of the matter at hand. Preparation can be a formal agreement to meet at a specific time and place or may merely be the statement and agreement to talk about the conflict. In business, it is best to create a formal environment where stakeholders can gather and prepare their thoughts beforehand, but when you are dealing with your four year old, just getting them to agree to a discussion may be sufficient.

For an introduction on the kind of environment that is conducive to negotiation, this Negotiation course will teach you how to control the climate and negotiation environment. This course will teach you the different types of negotiation and how to approach each type to ensure a successful outcome. You will learn to see beneath the surface of the problem so that you are in a position to understand the real issues involved in the potential conflict. The course will show you how to consider both individual and organizational needs and how to seek common ground. You will be shown how to create your BATNA and how to use various techniques to ensure successful negotiations for all parties involved.

Negotiation Skills Training – Communication

Successful negotiation depends on communication. Communication relies on the ability to not only present your case, as you see it, but to listen and understand what other parties are saying. Key skills for effective negotiation therefore rely on being able to question, listen and understand efficiently to ensure a win-win outcome for everyone involved.

Depending on the circumstances of the negotiation, it may be a good idea to take notes. You also need to learn to listen carefully and stop to ask questions for clarification of items you may not understand. Parties to the negotiation should all be given enough time to make their questions, queries and concerns known so that the group can seek solutions that address these concerns.

The Give a Little, Take a Little: The Art of Negotiation course will teach you the basic skills needed for negotiation. The goal of the course is to give you the tools you need to negotiate effectively. You will learn how to plan, communicate, navigate and conclude successful negotiations.

Negotiation Skills Training – The Negotiation Process

The process itself will be determined by the circumstances and situation involved. There are a number of different negotiation processes that can be used to create a win-win situation for those involved. Negotiation strategies include the good cop/bad cop approach, building relationships and trust, knowing when to talk away and many more. For some ideas on negotiation processes, read the 5 Negotiation Strategies Every Entrepreneur Should Know. Most successful negotiations will have ground rules that have been set out beforehand or that have been agreed to by all parties involved.

For training on the negotiation process, join over one thousand students who have signed up for The Significant Negotiator – Negotiation Skills course. This course offers 17 lessons that will teach you how to improve and use your negotiation skills to help your business avoid survival mode. The course will help you move away from traditional negotiation methods that are no longer effective, and it will teach you new proven processes to help you consistently achieve the best possible outcomes for every situation. The course will show you how to structure negotiations and how to build long term relationships from those negotiations. You will learn to prepare for the negotiation process to ensure you have the skills and confidence to negotiate successfully and avoid unnecessary conflicts in your business and personal life.

Negotiation Skills Training – Confirmation and Conclusion

Successful negotiation skills and training should include information on how to conclude and confirm the negotiation process. Once again, this step depends on the circumstances involved, but the step is essential whether you are concluding a multi-million dollar deal or concluding negotiations for an ice-cream treat for your toddler.

The conclusion phase includes ensuring that an agreement of consensus has in fact been reached between the parties involved in the negotiation. Once your have confirmation that agreement has been reached, it is also essential to ensure that an implementation plan has been created to ensure the successful implementation of the negotiation.

For a comprehensive course on the art of negotiation for business, enroll in the Negotiation for Entrepreneurs course now.

It consists of an introduction to the basic principles of strategic negotiation, a guide to negotiating with agents of organizations, a discussion of negotiating about price, and four videos on how to use the preparation templates that are included with the course. This course offers 14 lessons that will teach you the principles of strategic negotiation. The course will teach you how to successfully negotiate prices for buying and selling. You will also learn to use the analytical tools included in the course to help you prepare for any level of negotiation.

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