Names for Male Cats: Tips for Naming Your New Furry Friend

cat temperatureNaming your new little ball of fur can prove a challenge as there are so many choices to pick from. Often, people will use their favorite famous person, their favorite band, song, or even their favorite food as a name for their pet. You could also take a look at some cat quotes in this article for more interesting ideas on names of famous people to name your cat after. Try a few of the tips below to help you name your new furry friend. Learn some great tips for keeping your cat happy with an online class.

Think about names that match his personality

While it could take a week or longer to really know your cat’s personality, naming him after how he acts could be a much more meaningful name than naming him after your favorite food. Pet Baby Names has a list of different personalities you can browse through to find the perfect name that describes your cat. Is your new little boy overly affectionate? Consider calling him Boo or Buddy. Cats with a lot of energy could be called Chase or Buzz.

Name him after his appearance

Pet Baby Names has a list of names you can consider depending on what your cat looks like too. Is he small compared to other adult cats or growing kittens? Consider calling him Cub or Bug. These names will be indicative of his small stature, even if he does end up actually hitting a growth spurt. You can also consider naming him after the spots in his fur or for his coloring. Some great examples of names for cats with black fur are Blackbeard, Ebony, or even Midnight. Learn how to take care of your new friend’s injuries with an online course.

Consider a famous person or cat for inspiration

Does your cat seem to act like a famous person you know? Perhaps he reminds you of a famous cat on television. Naming your cat after someone famous isn’t a new thing. People do it all the time. Is your cat a terrible mouser? Consider naming him Tom from Tom and Jerry. Of course, you could just name him Tom because he’s a big tom cat.

Is your cat wicked and cruel to everyone except you? You might consider naming him Lucifer, after the cat from Cinderella. Does your cat act like a little prince? Berlioz or Toulouse, two names from Aristocats might suit him better. There are a number of other great famous cat names that you can consider by checking out this list.

Get in touch with your geeky or nerdy side

Geeks love to name animals. One of the favorite names for cats owned by geeks is Five. This is because of the Cat 5 Ethernet cables they often have to lay out to set up networks at their work sites. Perhaps you have a favorite video game you like to play. You can name your cat after the main character, like Link from Zelda. Cats have also been known to be named Kirby.

If you love science, consider naming your cat Schrodinger after the famous scientist who considered a padoxical thought experiment. This is a great name for your cat if he loves boxes. The idea behind Schrodinger’s cat is that the cat in the box would be both alive and dead at the same time.

Name him after your favorite character on your favorite geeky show. Some favorites include Captain Picard, Scottie, or even Seven from Star Trek. You can also use Stargate SG-1 names or any other show you love. Take great videos of your pets with an online class.

Let your children name him

Children are creative beings, and one of the best ways for them to show that is by coming up with creative names for your new furry friend. Some of their names will be ridiculous, but they might come up with something cute or funny that you hadn’t thought of. My cousin once had a cat named Dog, and I have owned a cat by the name of Kitty-Dog. My sister named her cat Mistah Fiss. Take great photos of your cat with an online course.

Did you find a great name for your cat? Share it in the comments below.