Get Your Music the Promotion It Deserves

music promotionWith the Internet, you can listen to music anytime and anywhere. You can discover bands, listen for free and even upload your own music. Websites like Spotify, YouTube, Vimeo, Bandcamp, and SoundCloud make it so you can post your music for free and share it with anybody and everybody. The downside of this is that there is a seemingly endless amount of music, which could bury you under all the others, making it near impossible to get noticed.

In order to get noticed and further your music career, you need more than great music. You need promotion so that your music will reach the audience it is intended for. Whether you’re interested in nabbing a record deal or going the indie route and doing promotion on your own, it is still important that you know the business side of music production as much as you know about music production itself.

But where do you start? Learn how music is produced, distributed and marketed with this course that teaches music production, marketing and distributing. Learn how to properly present your music to the intended audience and make money off of it, which is a challenge in and of itself.

Making Money as a Musician

One of the hardest things about being a musician is making money off your talents and efforts. You can’t just create a song or an album and expect it to sell. You have to promote your music and perform shows for people. For those lucky ones who are able to grab record deals, promotion comes as part of the deal. However, not all musicians get that lucky and have to go the do-it-yourself route with producing and promoting their music. Have the music ready but not sure where to go next? We have a course that helps independent, do-it-yourself musicians get the promotion they need. This course features a four-point plan with real-life examples you can put into practice with your career.

Marketing Yourself

If you want publicity, you need to be prepared. Journalists and other people in the media will only pay attention to you if you have what they need. But how do you know what they need? That’s the tricky part. In order for the media to cover your music, you need to have a story ready to pitch. Why should they cover you? What it is about you that stands out? Once you nail all those points down, write it up in a clear and concise press release. A good press release should have the following items: Contact information (this can be you or if you have a manager, your manager’s contact), what you’re promoting (in this case, it’s your music), information about your product and any relevant news about your music. By including these items, it will give people in the media the information they need to decide whether or not they would like to cover your story.

Create a Website

A good press release isn’t the only thing you need when marketing your music. You need to give the media a way to listen to your music, whether it’s through an MP3 file, a YouTube video, SoundCloud link or others. A good place to put your music, an artist bio and news about your music is your own website. It’s not hard to make a website for yourself and having one will help your fans and people in the media better able to connect to you. It’s a catchall for fans to keep up with your music, shows and news. The thought of creating a website from scratch can be overwhelming, however. There are so many aspects that go into creating, running and maintaining a website. We offer a course that helps you create and website and have it up and running within six hours. With this course, there are no software costs, hosting or domain name fees.

Get Publicity Photos Taken

So you have your music, a website and a press release. What’s next? If you’re looking to get your name in the news or on posters, you will need publicity photos. These aren’t just any old photos you can take with your phone or even an old point-and-shoot camera. These need to be professional quality. Many media outlets will not accept photos that are less than a certain size, so knowing about photography and how to get the best photos for your sound and personality is important. Hiring a professional photographer can be expensive, so if you have some of the basic photography equipment needed, it may be easiest to take your own publicity photos. If you have the equipment and want more confidence using it, we offer some basic courses that can help you with your photography skills. This course features essential photography skills for those who use DSLR cameras. You’ll learn photography terms and how to use certain functions on your camera to get the best photo possible. After you’re finished with that course, you can take this one, which will show you common photography mistakes and how to fix them. When you combine these two courses, you’ll be able to get the publicity photos you need to help get your face in the news.

Putting It All Together

Once you have the music, the website, the photos and press release, the next thing to do in order to promote your music is to put them all together in a press kit. This is especially important if you are trying to get media attention or venues to book you. The better looking and more polished your press kit looks, the more likely it will get the attention of those who are able to give your music the opportunities you are looking for.