Employee AppreciationEmployees are the building blocks of every company. If an employee feels as though their work is going unnoticed no matter how hard they try, they can lose the motivation to continue to work hard. It’s important for a company to keep their employees satisfied; without satisfied employees, the entire company can disintegrate at an alarming rate. There are a few key steps to consider when training employees to become successful, hard-working aspects of the company. With proper motivation training, the company can continue to progress without setbacks.

Are you a manager of a team that seems bored and uninterested day after day? If you’ve been trying your hardest to motivate your employees and nothing seems to work, Udemy has a course on employee motivation that will help you become a better leader and create a better team! The road to success is closer than you think.

Make Every New Employee Feel Welcome

The first day of a new job can be incredibly intimidating. To help new employees feel as though they’re truly a part of the team, introducing them to their coworkers and providing them with training materials can help reduce anxiety. This way, when they have a question about anything relating to the job at hand, they already have connections with a few other people around them that they can go to for help.

Offer On The Job Training

When employees feel as though they’re going to be doing the same work every single day for years, they may begin to look for ways out of the company. By providing on the job training, managers can identify the strengths and weaknesses of their employees and offer them ways to improve their performance and move up within the company. This way, employees can feel as though their effort is being noticed and gives them hope that they won’t be stuck in the same position years from now. While initial planned training is necessary to get employees up to speed on the job at hand, companies can offer optional training for aspects of the job that employees have an increased interest in.

Offer More Than Just a Pay Raise

motivation trainingAlthough an increase in pay is certainly nothing to complain about, an anonymous increase in pay isn’t enough to make a person feel fully satisfied. If an employee does an exceptional job, a quick little note saying “thanks for all of your hard work” or an offer to be taken out to lunch goes a long way. If a client or customer says something satisfactory about the employee, send that over to them! People want to know that they are more than just another name on the payroll.

Maintain Healthy Communication

Without good communication, a team isn’t working as well as it could be. Even if everyone is working on their own projects, all employees are working together for the greater good of the company. With open, healthy communication throughout the workplace, the office is a more pleasant place to be. If employees enjoy coming into work and seeing friendly faces, they’ll be more motivated to excel at their job.

Continue Education

Along with on the job training, employers can offer courses through the company that will teach employees valuable knowledge that they can use to rise in the ranks. Whether it be a crash course on Excel, how to create an effective presentation or how to create and manage databases, every new bit of knowledge will expand the minds of employers and make them more valuable assets to the company. If these courses can’t be offered through the company, the company itself can offer free or discounted courses through an outside source.

Reward the Whole Team

motivation trainingCome one, who doesn’t like to be rewarded for their hard work? While employees shouldn’t be rewarded for mediocre work, set a goal for the entire office for the month. This goal may vary depending on what exactly the company does, but make sure it includes everyone. If the office exceeds that monthly goal, they may be rewarded with a pizza party, a casual clothes week or donuts and coffee in the morning. The rewards don’t have to be elaborate, they just need to get people motivated.

Engage Through Games

If training feels like school again, employees aren’t likely to be engaged in what they are learning. When training a new staff, it’s important to be professional yet fun. Turning training into a game can easily engage new employees and help them solve every day problems in a more exciting way.

Keep Employees in the Loop

While they may not be making all of the big decisions within the company, it’s important to let employees in on changes that are happening and what the overall goal of the company is. If people are unaware of why they are doing what they are assigned to do, it can be difficult to actually complete the task. By being in the loop and staying updated on exactly what the company is doing, employees can have a goal in mind that they strive to succeed.

Offer Mentoring

When an employee faces a difficult task, it can often be daunting if they don’t know how to complete it. By offering mentoring services, these employees can have one on one interaction with a higher authority within the company that will give them the knowledge they need to succeed. When an employee is mentored by someone higher up the ladder, they can feel satisfied knowing that they are gaining knowledge that will help them rise in the ranks in the future.

Extend Meeting Invitations

planningNo one likes to feel as though they are an invisible part of the herd. If an important meeting is coming up, inviting an exceptionally well-performing employee to be a part of the discussion can give them the pride they need to become more motivated at their job. Even if they are not there in person, even being a part of a meeting via telephone can be enough motivation to continue working hard.

Post Notices

There’s bound to be some blank wall space around the office, right? Filling up that empty space with motivational posters, comics about the office, praises about the employees and updates on new and exciting things around the office can help engage employees. The more engaged they are, the better they will perform. Even a sign in the middle saying “have a wonderful day!” is enough to raise people’s spirits in the morning. If the office is small enough, post notices about employee birthdays.

The Big Picture

Owners and managers of companies tend to feel as though the job they have is their career – at least more so than many employees who view their job as simply a stepping stone to their future career. Because of this, motivation to succeed is completely different from employers to employees. It’s important for companies to realize this and address this problem; without giving employees the motivation they need to succeed, they will simply go about their jobs without going above and beyond what they are expected to do. Once employees look forward to going to work every day and understand the goals they are trying to achieve, the entire company will progress together at a more rapid pace.

In order to create an effective team you need to act as part of the team. With Udemy’s class on 4 simple leadership tools that everyone should have in their arsenal, you’ll be well on your way to being the head of a happy, productive team.

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