Motivation to Workout: How To Get To The Gym and Enjoy It

motivation to workout“I’m too tired?”, “I just ate a large meal.”, “My favorite TV show is on!”  These statements may have come from you the last time you were trying to get yourself up and out to the gym.  The thing is, the longer you put the gym off, the more excuses you will come up with.  With more excuses comes more guilt, and this will ultimately result in a cycle of idleness.

If you are having trouble finding motivation to work out, remember that normal exercise is part of a healthy and happy lifestyle.  We know that disciplining yourself is tough, so let’s check out three methods that can help you get off the computer and onwards towards developing the motivation to work out for a healthy and productive lifestyle routine.

Three Steps towards Workout Motivation

Getting the motivation to workout involves touching on three aspects of your current lifestyle: your thoughts, your behavior, and your routine.  Let’s take a look at some simple steps that you can take towards adjusting your current habits that will help you find the motivation to workout.

Step 1: Motivate Your Thoughts

Our thoughts can get the best of us, even if we want to lead a healthy lifestyle.  The problem with motivating ourselves is that it always seems easier to come up with excuses than reasons why.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at some ways that you can get your thoughts on track to thinking that you need to workout (because you do!).

  • What is your reason?  Everyone will have their own reason for working out.  Some want to tone their upper body, others want to look good for their wedding, and some want to be able to live longer to be able to run around with their grandchildren.  Whatever it is that is going to motivate you to workout – stick with that thought and keep it in the forefront of your mind.  Whenever you feel that you may be lacking motivation, transition back to your purpose for working out to remind yourself why you need to do it.
  • Have a strong inner voice.  Talking yourself into doing something might be easier than you think.  Remember that time you talked yourself into buying that cute purse or that slick new sound system?  Change your inner voice from negative to positive.  For example, “I will workout today because I am going to feel much better afterwards.”  Remember to not threaten yourself or say things like, “I am fat, I should workout.”  This is only going to make working out seem like self punishment.
  • Have a goal. Setting a goal for yourself before you start working out is going to help make working out a lot simpler.  Remember to start off with small goals in the beginning and slowly increase those goals.  This will help fuel motivation to reach something higher each time you go to the gym or set out to workout.  For instance, if your goal is to run a marathon by the end of the year, then start out with smaller training goals that are going to help you build endurance to prepare for the distance.
  • Have rewards.  A little reward every now and then is always a nice way to ignite some motivation.  Once you have your goals set out, treat yourself to a reward when you reach one of them.  You can also think about treating yourself to a reward for every pound lost (if you are trying to lose weight), or for every 2 weeks that you go to the gym regularly.  If you happen to not reach those goals, then start off another week anew and focus again on obtaining the rewards that you have planned out for yourself.
  • Try hypnosis.  This might not be for everyone, but when your thoughts become repetitive, then you are more likely to find the encouragement to accomplish a goal.  There are plenty of relaxing and hypnosis techniques available online that you can try.

Step 2:  Motivate your Behavior

We all have behavior habits that we have fallen into that shape and define our lifestyle.  However,  just because we are used to them does not mean that we cannot change certain behaviors.  Here are some helpful behavior modifications that you can practice that will help encourage a healthy and fit lifestyle.

  • Have a healthy diet.  Eating healthy is going to make you feel healthy.  When you feel healthy, you are going to be more likely to want to go to the gym to maintain your health.  If you are trying to lose weigh, then check out some wonderful courses online that can help you practice a healthy diet.
  • Get some workout gear.  Think about one store that you love shopping at – it is likely that they are going to carry some sort of workout gear.  If you think some new shoes, pants, or shirts are going to help motivate you to workout, then go ahead and purchase some new workout gear.  The key here is to make sure that you put your new workout gear to good use.
  • Try not to be sedentary.  Think about activities that you might do that are sedentary.  For instance, maybe when you come home from work you have a habit of plopping down in front of the television.  Instead of practicing these idle habits, try doing something that involves moving around.  Call up a friend and go for a walk or spend some time organizing a room in your house.

motivation to workoutStep 3: Change your Routine

Changing small daily habits that you practice can make a huge impact for your overall motivation.

  • Go right now.  If you are thinking about whether or not you should go to the gym today, or right now, then don’t think –just go!  Spending time sitting around thinking is only going to make you continue to question yourself.  If you do not attend a gym, get up and do some jumping jacks, a plant, or talk a 20 minute walk or job.  A small little change today and make a huge impact tomorrow and get you in the habit of creating motivation to workout.
  • Make it fun.  Working out might not seem fun if you have to do it yourself.  Luckily, there is a simple solution for this: grab a workout buddy or join a fitness class at a local gym or community college.  There are plenty of other people out there who are trying to find the motivation to workout as well!
  • Stay local.  Working out can seem like a chore if you have a ton of other things that you do every day as well.  Keep your workout convenient, local, and do not spend a lot of time getting ready or driving to your workout location.  The more convenient working out is for you, the more you are going to be motivated to do it.

Get Pumped Up!

Finding motivation to workout can be hard, but once you get start working out, you are going to feel endorphins, feelings, and a sense of accomplishment that is going to get you hooked on keeping healthy!  There are plenty of other things that you can do to find motivation to work out depending on your wants and needs.  If you prefer working out in the comfort of your own home, consider this convenient, fun, and interactive classes over at and join hundreds of other students in getting motivated to workout.