Motivation for Studying: Four Simple Steps For Study Motivation

motivation for studyingWho doesn’t have trouble studying?  Finding motivation for studying can sometimes feel as hard as trying to work out after an indulgent meal — you know you should do it but you just can’t seem to get off the couch.  With anything that you need to do, and do well, motivation is important. Seeing that it is May, we know that finals are right around the corner for those of you in school.  So whether or not you are gearing up to take a Trigonometry final, an English exam, or even the LSAT, we have some great tips on how to get yourself motivated to study and how to enjoy it at the same time.  Remember, great results come to those who work for them!

Four Steps Towards Study Motivation

Let’s take a look at four different methods that can help get your study motivation going strong.

Step 1: Find a Good Study Area

Finding a good place to study is just about as important as the studying itself.  Make sure that your study area has these things:

  • Your area should be devoid of anything that can distract you.  Do not try to study at a park or right in front of a television (unless it is turned off).  Choose a place that does not have any noise or disruptions, such as a library, study room, or café.  Also, try to avoid places where you know a lot of your friends are going to be, as their presence could only distract you.
  • Get your supplies:  Before you sit down to study, make sure that you have everything you need.  You do not want to have to get up in the middle of studying to get some index cards or a highlighter that you forgot ahead of time.
  • Have water and some healthy snacks with you:  If your study space happens to be away from home, make sure that you bring along some water and a few healthy snacks with you.  If you are easily distracted by physical feelings such as hunger or thirst, the snacks you have on-hand are going to give you less excuse to get up and go buy food.  However, remember to keep your snacks healthy and energizing.  For example, pack: a turkey sandwich, granola bars, fruit, or a bag of mixed nuts for the road.  Avoid things like pizza, high calorie pastries, or energy drinks that could give you a sugar crash later in the day.

Step 2: Rid of any distractions

Let’s be honest, sometimes when we have to study we find ourselves clicking through Facebook or checking our phones every five minutes.  The key to staying motivated to study is to put any distractions that you have aside to give you a good stream of study time where you are focused on only your work.

  • Dress comfortably:  This goes for the day of your test or exam as well.  You will always hear people tell you that you should feel comfortable when you need to be focused, and this is true.  If you are wearing too many clothes, or getting too cold from too little, then you will find yourself easily distracted or annoyed.  Wear something that you already know you are going to be comfortable in.  Additionally, if you have long hair, tie it back or keep some hair clips handy to keep your hair from distracting you by falling in your face.
  • Silence your phone:  You might want to text your BFF to tell them how motivated you are about studying, but save this for later.  Calls from friends or family can only work to distract you.  If you have a large exam coming up, let them know ahead of time that you are going to be unplugged for awhile so they do not try to reach you.  Silence your phone and, most importantly, zip it away in a place that is not going to allow you to check it every few minutes.
  • Get offline:  There is a good chance that you are going to need your computer, so the best thing that you can do is unplug from the Internet.  However, if you are working on reading material or a worksheet, then by all means, close your computer.  Having your internet up and running can allow you to do little things such as checking your email or browsing through Twitter that could ruin your motivation streak and set you up for distractions.
  • Use wisely:  However, if you do need the internet, there are things that you could do to keep your eyes away from distractions.  Consider de-activating Facebook until after your exam or project is finished, download some site blocker applications, or use different browser windows when you are studying.

Step 3: Have goals

As with anything that you need to achieve, you should have a goal in mind to help your motivation along.  Plus, once you reach your goal, you will feel a sense of achievement and accomplishment.

  • Make achievable goals:  Before you begin studying, set goals that are specific.  For instance, instead of saying “study math”, try something specific like, “learn the quadratic equation and how to apply it today.”
  • Offer incentive:  Sometimes a goal seems more desirable when there is incentive involved.  If you need some motivation, consider treating yourself to a small reward once you have reached a goal.  For instance: a latte, an episode of your favorite show, or a meet up with friends.
  • Stay positive:  It is going to be hard to muster up motivation to study if you go into studying with a negative attitude.  Approach studying with the idea that good rewards and results will come to you with proper time and dedication spent on studying.

Young Student In A LibraryStep 4: Start Studying!

Sometimes the hardest part about anything that you know you have to do is just doing it.  Once you have some goals lined up for yourself, a good study space available, and all your studying materials, then get started on studying.  Even if you just study a little bit now and more later, something is better than nothing!

Tips for Making Studying Fun

Here are some little side things that you can do to keep your studying motivation strong – and to make the overall process more fun!

  • Find genuine interest in what you are learning.  Learning should be fun and interesting.
  • Have fun studying tools.  Pick up some multi-colored highlighters, notebooks, or even stickers that are going to help you study more effectively.
  • Put on some good study music.  For instance, classic, jazz, or electronic music might be all you need to get you in the mood.
  • Find a cozy and serene place to study that has fresh air and is going to keep you motivated for some time.
  • Get up and stretch or do some exercises every once in awhile to keep your blood moving.
  • Make sure to stay hydrated and snack on your healthy snacks during your study breaks.
  • Know that studying with a white light is better and easier on your eyes than using a yellow light.
  • Before you sit down to study, think about your plans, dreams, and goals and how studying is going to help you achieve them.

Get Your Motivation Going

Sure, studying might seem boring, hard, or tedious – but the end result will make anyone see how important it is to achieving a goal.  There are hundreds of other students who are looking for studying motivation just like you, so consider enrolling in this course to boost your motivation and inspire success from within.