Mother Son Relationships: The Importance of This Relationship

mother son relationshipsIf you have a little boy, you might be thinking his relationship with you is over once he’s old enough to start chasing Daddy around. This, however, is not true. You still have an important role to play in your son’s life. There are a number of reasons that you can be important in your son’s life. Read on to find out just a few of the reasons you’re important to your son even when he’s not an infant anymore. Become a better person in seven days for him and for you using this online course.

How You Affect Your Son

A mother has a great affect on her son, more than most mothers realize. They can affect his behavior, academic performance, mental health, and help him to avoid peer pressure. If you’re interested in learning more on turning your children into kids you can be proud of, try reading this article.

  • A Mother’s Affect on Her Son’s Behavior

Studies have shown that a son who does not have a strong bond with his mother will grow up to have intense behavioral problems. Unattached sons tend to act more hostile, destructive, and aggressive. A strong motherly bond will help prevent delinquency later in his life. Learn more about parenting to better help you reach your son with this class.

  • A Mother’s Affect on Her Son’s Academic Performance

It has been proven that a mother who is active in her son’s education will actually help him improve. Of course, this is true for both sons and daughters. However, this is especially true in a son’s life as she imparts emotional intelligence to her son, something his father cannot teach him.

This emotional intelligence leads them to better understanding and ability to express their feelings, a greater ability to tune into the feelings of others, and more self-control in the classroom. Your help with your son’s academics will make him more articulate as well.

When helping with academics, however, it’s also important to foster his independence. Help him out, but be sure to ask him if he needs it. If he doesn’t need his help, it means that you’ve done your job, and now it’s time for him to show you what he’s learned from you. Read more about helping your son too much at the Huffington Post.

  • A Mother’s Affect on Her Son’s Mental Health

Most men buy into the hyper-masculine stereotypes. They fully believe that they have to act tough all the time, work out their issues alone, or prove their manhood when it comes into question. Sons that grow up like this end up less emotionally open and suffer from anxiety and depression. Learn more on human development in this course to further understand your impact on your son’s mental health.

Your bond with your son will help him to remain emotionally open. He will have a better chance at creating friendships, and he will have less anxiety and depression in his life. Your bond will teach him that it’s okay to feel and that his emotions are important. It will make him a better husband and father later on in his life. The Huffington Post has a great post on ways to teach your son to be a man your future daughter-in-law will come back to thank you for.

  • Keeping Open Communication to Help Him Avoid Peer Pressure

The teen years are difficult for both genders, and you can have an impact even in your son’s teen years. Keeping up on communication with him will help him say no to peer pressure. New studies show that it’s the mother who influences the son’s decisions regarding alcohol, drugs, and even sex.

  • Give Him the Skills He Needs for the Future

A mother’s lessons in emotional intelligence do more than just help him in school. They give him the skills he needs to succeed in life. Refusing to accept your son’s screaming or grunts as responses gives him the communication skills he will need to succeed in adult life. Plus, his academic performance as a child and teenager will give him his pick when he moves on to college.

Activities to Do With Your Son

If you’re trying to think of something to do with your son, try a few of the activities listed below. They don’t all cost money as the more important aspect is to spend time with your son. Hopefully, they will increase the relationship you have with him.

  • Ask Him What He Wants to Be When He Grows Up, and Encourage Him

Most little boys want to be firemen, police officers, or astronauts. Don’t just smile and nod when he says it. Encourage him, and find ways to give him insight into those jobs. Visit your local fire department, and see if you can get a tour of the station. Do the same with your local police department. If he wants to be an astronaut, find out about space camp, or read books together about space. It’s not just up to the father to encourage him to achieve his dreams.

  • Bake or Cook Together

Women love a man who cooks, and those are rare to find these days. If your son is always wanting to help you in the kitchen, don’t let him be shooed out and told that cooking and baking is “woman’s work.” Encourage him to step out of the gender stereotypes. Bake brownies with him, or create a whole week’s worth of meals with him. You’ll appreciate the help – even if there will be a little more mess – and he’ll be learning great skills for his future.

  • Window Shopping

Go to PetCo or your local pet store, and let your little one wander around. While this particular activity is only free while he’s small, you’ll have a good time creating lasting memories with your little man as he looks at all the animals. Make it into a lesson by telling him a little about the animals, or buy him a book on animals and let him tell you.

Take him to the local bookstore, and let him show you the things that interest him by picking out books. Sit down with him and read a few together. He might just surprise you with how adult his interests seem. Encourage him, and if you can afford it, make it a point to purchase him a book in one of his interests each time you go.

  • Teach Your Son How to Date

Sons learn how to respect women from their mothers. One of the best ways you can teach him is by letting him take you out on “dates.” Dress him up, and get dressed up too. Give him a wallet with some money, and teach him to open the door for his future lady by having him open the doors for you. If he’s pretty small, you’re going to have to help him a little, but at least let him try.

Let him pay for the meal, and sit down with him to have a little talk. Ask him about what he wants to be when he grows up, or ask him how his day went. You’ll be teaching him how to treat his future date, and you’ll be having quality time with him.Try to make it a monthly event.

  • Have a Mud Battle

Little boys love to get dirty, and women really don’t. However, for the sake of your son, take one day every week or every two weeks, and get dirty for his sake. Dress up in clothes you don’t care about, do the same for him, and find a place with a lot of dirt. Hose it down, and just have fun with it. Throw mud at each other, make mud pies, and build mud forts. Have bath robes or towels prepared in the laundry room so you both can strip down and toss the dirty things in the wash before heading to the bath and the shower to clean up.

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